Monday, December 31, 2007

Indiana Jones - revisited

One of my all-time favourite action hero made into one of my all-time favourite action figure (my entry of sept 8, 2007 didn't do it justice!) is one of the movies i am eagerly waiting to see - Indiana Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (finally happening in 2008). So here's wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your toy wishes come true!! (especially for Indiana Jones 4 action figures)

This (IMHO) ultimate Indiana Jones action figure produced by Toys McCoy in 1999 came in a very nice package.

Box flap opened to reveal short intro write-up and guarantee of authenticity stamp

Box opens fully to reveal box contents, accessories on the left flap and indy on the right.

That is where it hits you - the million dollar question: do you rip open the left flap and empty its contents, thereby rendering this ultra-expensive package a steep plunge in value, not to mention destroying the really nice packaging? OR enjoy the box contents by staring at the items in its sealed and mint condition, thus keeping up said value of toy? You see, unlike the currently smart and collector-friendly companies like Medicom and Hot Toys which produce excellent toys (albeit expensive) where you can remove the toy from the tray they come in and even put them back in the same position without damaging any item, those jokers at Toys McCoy forgot to consider this dilemma. Needless to say, i've been staring at the sealed items for more than 7 years now (sigh)

Back of box describes beautifully crafted but sadly "untouchable" contents

Next best thing - find a cheaper yet acceptable alternative for indy's accessories. Pile on the accessories on action figure which is removeable from box and you can still have a nice-looking indiana jones figure.

Close-up of Indiana Jones

I finally got the right fedora - check it out here!


Shaun said...

alex, is this piece similar to the relic hunter piece at roy's?

alex teo said...

yes, relic hunter is the much cheaper alternative - die-cast pistol, saber and "leather" jacket, belt, holster, sheath and whip plus lace-up shoes. Quite well done except for the fedora. I found this closest match from Sideshow's Freddy Krueger. The actual hat doesn't look as green as it appears in picture, actual item much closer to brown. Figure is actual McCoy - Relic Hunter doesn't have Indy's likeness.

Shaun said...

oh didn't know it had that many cool accessories. thanks Alex, may go for it.

alex teo said...

yes shuan you should. for the price, it's value for money (IMHO) - enjoy your collection