Friday, April 23, 2010

Going APE over Hot Toys Space Adam?

HOT TOYS x WINSON CREATION OM091018 Apexplorers Space Adam (Color Version) is 1/6th scale and 35cm tall. It is fully poseable with 20 points of articulation. This Space Adam Collectible figure will come with full set of costume and accessory including Gear Belt, Space Clothing, Inside Jacket, Blaze Gun, Space Boots, Space gloves, Ape Hands, Space Power Engines, Space Helmet, Apes DNA Test Tube and Power Controller. Target release date: 2nd season, 2010.

And then there's the ApeXplorers Limited Edition (400pcs) Special Adam

Before these releases, there was original Adam!

Not to mention Apexplorers T-Rex

These figures are all nice and the quality of Hot Toys products are pretty much a given but the problem I have with these releases are the prices. They are priced rather HIGH for a non-licensed and unknown product. Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figures are licensed products and everybody knows what they are paying for and the attention to detail and movie-accuracy of the products are top notch but these apes are just... well, apes. Not value-for-money IMHO, that's just my two cents Ha! Ha!


desmond said...

I totally with your statement here. The figures are just another designer's creation....

alex teo said...

glad you agree desmond. seems i'm not the only one who thinks so ;>