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Medicom Kubrick TRON set C & D revisited

continued from my earlier post "Medicom Kubrick TRON set A & B revisited"

Recognize this? (ha ha, I couldn't resist the pun)

A Recognizer (also known as a Reco by both programs and Users) is a hovering vehicle originally created by Kevin Flynn in 1981 for his video game Space Paranoids. However, when Ed Dillinger stole Flynn's games, the vehicles became part of the game grid and were used by the MCP's (Master Control Program) army to capture conscripts and programs.

It is extremely big and made an unique ominous sound when hovering, similar to a helicopter. It captured programs by rotating its "legs" to make a single limb and literally "stomp" on the program, however this doesn't harm the program but just simply captures it. [source: tron wiki]

Medicom Kubrick TRON Recognizer came with positionable "legs"

Guards are the security programs loyal to Sark and the MCP in the computer world. They use long wand-like staffs as weapons to stun programs and also to block attacks. It seems they don't use their identity disks as weapons.

Besides the Recognizer and Guard, Medicom Kubrick TRON set C also came with a yellow Lightcycle. As mentioned in the earlier post, a Lightcycle is a motorcycle driven by programs in the computer world.

The gladiator games on the Game Grid involved the Lightcycles leaving an impenetrable jetwall behind them. The gamers must avoid the jetwalls at all costs or they will derezz by crashing into them. If a lightcycle is eliminated from the game, what jetwall that lightcycle leaves behind will fall.

The lightcycles in the Game Grid have their brakes disabled and cannot be stopped. When on the Game Grid, lightcycles turn at 90-degree angles making it very hard to control. Outside of the Game Grid, the jetwalls are disabled and they are able to turn normally like a regular motorcycle.

Medicom Kubrick TRON set D has a blue lightcycle included.

Sark was the commander of the MCP's army and overseer of the games fought on the Game Grid. He was a merciless and evil program, willing to do anything that pleased the MCP. Sark was in charge of forcing the programs that believed in the users to play gladiator games with personnel from Sark's Army as the opponents. [source: tron wiki]

Medicom Kubrick Sark from TRON set D also comes with his Identity Disk.

The Master Control Program (or MCP), played by David Warner, is the main villain in TRON. It was a rogue computer program created by Ed Dillinger (also played by Warner) that ruled over the world inside ENCOM's mainframe computer. During the rule of the MCP, many programs were enslaved and pitted against the program's henchmen, led by Sark (also played by Warner).

The combined efforts of Flynn and Tron resulted in the deresolution of the MCP by throwing a disk into the base of the MCP. The MCP then reverted back to its original chess program appearance (which, in the digital universe, appeared as an old man in a control chair) followed by this program vanishing as it was deleted.

Medicom Kubrick TRON Master Control Program (MCP) from TRON set D has an opening dome to reveal a defeated MCP

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