Saturday, April 24, 2010

Square Enix Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Snake (Sneaking Suit Version)

To celebrate the upcoming Peace Walker release, Square Enix's Play Arts team announced their new project: the Play Arts Kai - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Snake (Sneaking Suit Version) action figure. Like all of Play Art's collection every plate on the armor and every line on the character's face is sculpted to perfection.

The figure comes with a set of accessories such as 4 Interchangeable hands, Shield with attachment parts, Handgun with silencer fitted, Handgun without silencer fitted. Square Enix Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Snake Height: approximately 265mm (over 10" tall)

Meet Snake in his full action glory.

Release Date: June 2010

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Carlitox said...

this big boss figure it's UNIQUE, i hope get one of them 'cause i've never seen more acurate and detailed figure of big boss like this before not even the medicom UDF line.
sorry for my bad english, greetings from Mexico

alex teo said...

hey carlitox, it's not bad english if i can understand what you are saying :) this one looks NICE except I much prefer 1/6 scale 12-inch figures and this one comes up short CHEERS

dl said...

hey Alex,

this version is one of the best looking so far, man i gonna get one of this.

any idea on which shop in Singapore could have the stock for this model currently ?

alex teo said...

hi deric, word so far is that this 10-inch version hasn't come out yet.

I always get my stuff from TFH (