Thursday, September 30, 2010

Robert De Niro's Waiting... Talking Italian

"Robert De Niro's Waiting..." is a song written and recorded by English girl group Bananarama. It was the second single released from their self-titled second album in 1984. Siobhan Fahey states on her website: "Robert de Niro heard of the 'tribute' song, and rang our council flat and arranged to meet us for drinks and dinner. We were thrilled to meet a bona fide movie star." How many movie stars have songs written about them?

Here are some 1/6 scale 12-inch figures released based on characters played by Robert De Niro in the movies, in an attempt to capture his likeness. Do they all resemble him? You tell me. Who else am I talking to? There's nobody else here.... Ha Ha I had to put that in ;p

This is Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley in the 1995 American crime film "HEAT" written and directed by Michael Mann. The film is technically a remake of "L.A. Takedown", a 1989 made-for-television film which was also written and directed by Mann.

In the beginning of the movie, Career thief Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) leads an armed robbery crew, including longtime friends Chris Shiherlis (Val Kilmer), Michael Cheritto (Tom Sizemore), Trejo (Danny Trejo), and new member Waingro (Kevin Gage), who carry out a carefully planned armored car heist, stealing US$1.6 million in bearer bonds from Roger Van Zant (William Fichtner), who launders offshore drug money. This is pretty much the outfit McCauley wore in 1/6 scale. More pictures HERE

This is another 1/6 scale 12-inch Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley action figure but he's dressed in a pin-striped suit instead for his last robbery — a bank holdup with an estimated $12 million payoff, which would allow McCauley to retire. Robert De Niro had some great lines in the film, one of which was ""Do not have any attachments, do not have anything in your life you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner." More pictures HERE

This is the latest and most recent incarnation of Robert De Niro in 1/6 scale and he is Travis Bickle, a lonely and depressed young man, and a former Marine living in Manhattan from the 1976 Martin Scorsese directed movie "Taxi Driver". This is probably the BEST head sculpt of a young Robert De Niro by far and this SPECIAL limited EDITION Brother Production version comes with THREE head sculpts, this one with Mohawk haircut, another bloodied version (battle damaged?) and the Special "Travis" with full crop of hair (all covered HERE)

I only found out recently that a Japanese company called CRM Toys also made and released a very limited quantity 12-inch Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) figure called "Henry Krinkle". Henry Krinkle was the name Travis gave to the Secret Service Agent at the Palantine rally: "My name is Henry Krinkle. K-R-I-N-K-L-E. 154 Hopper Avenue."

Last but not least, this Robert De Niro look-alike 12-inch figure is the BBI "Lucifer", sniper assassin from their Elite Force "Terminate" series.

Well, better not keep Robert De Niro waiting. Cheerio


Anonymous said...

Wishing it be HT's release one day.

Kin said...

Hi Alex,

Is just look like real , alive just standing still over there.

"What a Collection".



D7ana said...

My favorite is the Robert De Niro look-alike 12-inch figure known as "Lucifer", sniper assassin from their Elite Force "Terminate" series (BBI). I think he has some of the De Niro look.

Colin said...

Found your blog recently when I began collecting action figures again- more specifically 8-9" action figures with cloth costumes (Mego-like). I had already picked up six of Mattel's retro action figures, and was looking for image references for some decisions on which ToyBiz "Famous Covers" figures I really wanted. Thanks to you and your blog I was able to "get up close" to some of them.

To say the least, I am impressed with your collection, and love the pics of your family's home- fun stuff! I also like what you said about collecting toys- you DO have to appreciate the work & artistry that goes into these figures, even one as simple as from the "Famous Covers" line.
My Best & Thanks,

alex teo said...

A HT De Biro would definitely be worth having :)

thanks Kin

welcome back D7ana ;> i quite like "Lucifer" too

hi Colin, am glad you found my blog posts useful; that's one of the reasons i put them there, the other reason being a way for me to catalog my toys :) thanks for the encouraging words as well & for the support CHEERS