Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Daniel Picard, Photographer Extraordinaire

Blogging has its privileges and through my blog, I've gotten to know a lot of people from many countries and from all walks of life who have dropped a note or comment and with whom I've found a connection even though we may be thousands of miles away :)

Most recently, I have been blessed to know a Photographer Extraordinaire from Canada who has CRAZY photography and digital imaging skills.

Daniel Picard is a freelance photographer and his summer project this year has been to make his toys look alive in the real world at real size i.e. 1:1 scale (Check out his website: - the intro has a few, and you can see more under Toys). Dan mostly collects Ashley Wood robots but he does pick up some good 'ol military / G.I. Joe / Star Wars stuff once in a while. Here are a few of his favorites which he has graciously allowed me to post just to show you what I mean when I say his pictures are STUNNING!

Pay a visit his site: and be blown away by his photography skills. Dan doesn't just take pictures of toys; his photos of animals, people, events, places and vehicles are just as AWESOME! IMHO He is truly an ARTIST with amazing talent. I envy his friends and loved ones because every time he takes a picture, it's a piece of ART, fit to be framed and displayed!

I just felt that I should share his skills with all the readers out there. ENJOY!


LEon said...

Thanks for sharing. It's an interesting find!

alex teo said...

It certainly is ;)