Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Triad Toys 1/6 Scale Zorro Collectible Figure Preview

More men with swords (see my previous posts)

In 1919, a novelist named Johnston McCulley wrote a short story entitled "The Curse of Capistrano", which starred a fantastic swordsman named Zorro. Little did McCulley know that his masked crusader would go on to be one of the most successful characters of all time and would influence a lifetime of other heroes and stories of its kind.

Witnessing greed and corruption in Spanish California, nobleman Don Diego de la Vega dons on a black mask to battle tyranny and oppression with his sharp wits and mastery of the sword. Spanning almost a century and immortalized through numerous films, television, video games, novels and comic books, the masked crusader is once again brought to life by the artisans at Triad Toys.

The Zorro Deluxe 1/6 Scale Collectible features an all-new headsculpt, full cloth fabric outfit with wired cape for posing, real leather boots, fully functional metal spurs, full metal sword and wired whip for posing! Zorro will ride once again to fight against tyranny, fighting soldiers and evil-doers for yet another generation with this all new collectible figure from Triad Toys!

The Zorro 12 Inch Collectible figure features: New Triad Toys Evolution body with over 35 points of articulation, New Detailed Headsculpt, Mask, Cloth Bandana, Detailed Hat, Highly Detailed Clothing, Wired Cape for Posing, Leather Arm Guards, Leather Laser Etched Belt, Real Leather Boots, Full Metal and Functional Spurs.

The head sculpt resembles Welsh actor Timothy Dalton, best known for portraying James Bond in "The Living Daylights (1987)" and "Licence to Kill (1989)". Would have thought they'll do a 1/6 scale Antonio Banderas headsculpt as he is the most recent incarnation of Zorro in "Mask of Zorro (1998)" and "The Legend of Zorro (2005)".

He also comes with Full Metal Sword and Scabbard with Functional Frog, Wired Whip for Posing with Belt Mount, Pair of Sword Gripping Gloved Hands and pair of Relaxed Pose Gloved Hands

This is one figure that is sorely missing from my collection and I'm certainly looking forward to this 12-inch Zorro figure. Afterall, Bob Kane (creator of Batman) noted especially the influence of the films The Mark of Zorro (1920) and The Bat Whispers (1930) in the creation of the iconography associated with the character. Bruce Wayne watched Zorro on the big screen the night his parents were killed and his Batman costume is very much an updated look of Zorro.


Anonymous said...

Hey @lex Love your site. Like Shaun Says you are the Guru! Been following you for quite a while.:) Anyway as a fellow Triad collector would like to say I'm also excited for this figure. I would like to also point out that most likely the reason it is not Banderas is licensing probably. The movie and Novel/Character may or may not be different. I'm going off of what they are doing for John Carter of Mars if you've seen those pics too. They (Zorro and John Carter) appear to be based off of the Novel version. You can get an Antonio Banderas figure from Triad Toys, Agent Indigo (Excellent figure I really like) and put him in the Zorro costume, and have your movie or close to your movie figure. I've customized myself one, using a costume from a fellow forum member who was kind enough to make me a costume a couple of years ago. Just some input and food for thought. I hope you enjoy this figure. I know I will. I agree it does look like Timothy Dalton.:) Make a Barron Figure from the Flash Gordon Movie maybe, I don't know?:) Hair looks different but hey it's awesome.


alex teo said...

Thanks Jay for the encouraging words :) Always glad to receive such positive comments. Shaun jests when he says I'm the guru Ha! Ha! This figure certainly piqued my interest as I've always wanted a Zorro figure. I've seen the Banderas Agent Indigo figure too, just haven't got around to picking him up. Thanks also for the input, it makes this blog a two-way process instead of me just rambling on. CHEERS

CheungKinMen said...

Cannot wait to get this figure! Thanks for the article!

alex teo said...

I cannot wait too Ha Ha U R welcome, just glad to be able to share the passion and spread the poison LOLz