Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$9,000 Award for NSmen

SINGAPORE citizens who have served their national service will each receive $9,000 through a new award to be given by the Ministry of Defence (Mindef). The National Service Recognition Award (NSRA) will help to fund the cost of operationally ready national servicemen's (NSmen's) education and also help them buy a home. Commanders will receive a larger sum.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who announced the implementation of the award at the National Day Rally yesterday, said: "It is a significant tangible recognition of the sacrifices, efforts and contributions of our national servicemen. It's for Singapore citizens only."

This will be a token of appreciation for the time and effort citizens give to serve national service, he added. Mr Lee said: "National service makes a heavy demand on male residents and, I should say, on their spouses and families, too." He elaborated that male Singapore residents not only have to serve two years of full-time national service and many more years as an NSman, but also try to build their careers and raise their families.

The sum will be paid in tranches at significant milestones of an NSman's service.

Too bad I've already completed my cycle. During my time, the only incentive was $20 for achieving GOLD for IPPT. Then during reservist, it was increased to $400 plus another $200 for Marksmanship and medals for Good Conduct and Long Service. Good to know the younger generation are getting their just rewards. Kudos to the government.


Stephen said...

That's a nice incentive indeed. Canada has something similar where they'll help you pay for your education if you finish a tour (don't know how many years though). Pardon my international ignorance, but is miltary service mandatory in Singapore or is it optional?

alex teo said...

Hi Stephen, National Service is mandatory and all male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents who have reached the age of 18 are enrolled into the military. CHEERS