Thursday, September 2, 2010

1:6 scale Ghost Rider Flame Cycle

Nicolas Cage who played Johnny Blaze in the 2007 superhero film "Ghost Rider" rode a Buell motorcycle for Blaze's stunt cycle and a heavily customized hardtail chopper named "Grace" which transformed into the "Hell Cycle". The Hell Cycle's wheels, made of pure flames in the comics, were changed to solid tires covered in flames in order to give the motorcycle more weight onscreen.

Medicom did not include the "Hell Cycle" for their Ghost Rider 12-inch figure (see previous blog entry) but that wasn't a big issue as Hasbro had released a 1:6 scale Flame Cycle at around the same time. Ghost Rider's 1:6 scale bike is from the Hasbro's Ultimate Ghost Rider and Flame Cycle Boxed Set. The deal was made all the more sweeter when the retail shops did a clearance sale after many of the stock were just not moving. The kids here don't have a thing for 12-inch figures, only the adults do Ha! Ha!

For a plastic looking toy from Hasbro (or "Has-been" as many collectors call it), this wasn't too bad, especially at the much lower price I finally bought it for :) Totally ditch the plastic Hasbro 12-inch Ghost Rider (no use for it at all) and kept the bike for Medicom Ghost Rider to ride on.

This Hasbro Ultimate Flame Cycle has sufficient details and sculpting for use as Ghost Rider's ride

It even has the flames coming out of the right places

What's next? Medicom 1:6 Ghost Rider takes a ride on this baby in the next post.

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