Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NEXT: 1984 Terminator the First from Hot Toys

Well, the teaser pictures are OUT! The next 1/6 scale figure in Hot Toys "Terminator" series will be the original Terminator from the 1984 film. "The Terminator" topped the American box office for two weeks and helped launch the film careers of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So now Hot Toys is finally doing justice by releasing the FIRST Terminator, after having released a slew of terminators and almost all the key characters / players from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Terminator Salvation".

Pictures of the 1/6 scale Arnie Terminator cyborg assassin headsculpt has already appeared in Japanese magazines but we have yet to see the official preview pictures :(

Some screen shots of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Terminator. The only consistent name for Schwarzenegger's Terminator character has been "The Terminator". Kyle Reese in The Terminator and Schwarzenegger's character in Terminator 2 refer to it as a "Cyberdyne Systems Model 101."

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Can't wait to see this up close!
And the battle damaged parts look so cool!
Bring on the Arnies!

onesixth.hobby said...

I am officially stoked! Never been this excited (since batman DX) about an upcoming figure. I mainly collect military figures (and recently bought T800 and Batman DX), but will surely add this one to my collection. Thanks Alex for spreading the good news! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

great! I am happy !
when is the release?
Did hot toys make a new endoskelton t-800 or t-850?