Friday, August 27, 2010

ToysCity 1:6 Classic 90s US Navy SEAL (Jungle Ops) Preview

This is Toys City next release - a 1:6 scale 90s era Jungle Ops US Navy SEAL 12-inch military figure. We haven't seen a classic USN SEAL like this in a long time (this year being 2010 means that this look is almost twenty years old) and this really is a CLASSIC. Like the saying goes: "There's no school like the old school".

ToysCity 1:6 scale 90s US Navy SEAL (Jungle Ops) will come with Real-like head sculpt with face paint / camouflage, T 1.0 body Black T-shirt, Woodland bonny hat, Woodland BDU jacket and pants CQB belt in black.

He'll have on him the UDT life preserver, Woodland SEAL custom LBV-88 vest, Olive drab 1195A harness, Olive drab LC-2 M-16 mag pouch x 3, Olive drab LC-2 1L canteen and carrier x 2, Olive drab 0902A butt pack, Black SABRE radio pouch, Olive drab strobe light pouch, Olive drab compass pouch x 2, Olive drab MG ammo pouch, Olive drab duty belt, Signal flare & holder, M18 smoke grenade x 2, M67 frag grenade x 2, Military pace-counter x 1, D-ring x 2, Military tape and SDU-5E strobe light

plus ACADIA boots, Jet dive fin, Mesh semi-finger gloves

Also included: Olive drab 1476A 3-day assault pack, Olive drab tri-mag drop-leg pouch, SABRE radio, LITE II head set and TEA PTT, LST-5C SATCOM

He'll be armed with the M4A1 assault rifle, M1911A1 automatic pistol, SOG combat knife and M72 LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon)

If this USN SEAL operator looks LOST to you, that's because it's none other than Jack (Matthew Fox) from the TV series "Lost" under all that face paint ;p That's a pretty nice 1:6 scale Matthew Fox head sculpt; the likeness is quite well captured.

The 90s USN SEAL loadout all laid out for inspection. The LBV and LCE2 gear is impressive!


Anonymous said...

Nice!!! Will definitely get this. Woodland uniform is BACK...

Anonymous said...

Did the 90s seal don a 3-day pack? Shouldnt it be a Alice pack for jungle ops like these?

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

i always thought the US Navy SEALs could choose their own gear and weapons as they see fit so whether it's an ALICE pack or 3-day pack, i suppose it's up to their own perogative. just my two cents :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with @lex. Seals pick their own gear based on personal preference and Operational Conditions. You will hardly see any two seal kitted out exactly the same.

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

thanks for the vote of confidence CHEERS