Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CMTOYS: 1/6 scale Hacker World OR Matrix Re-done

Remember CMToys? The unknown company that is coming up with the 1:6 scale Roman Gladiator 12-inch figure? See my earlier post HERE

Well, now we get to see preview pictures of CMToys 1/6 Hacker World. Essentially, it's the Matrix all over again i.e. Matrix Re-done. The Matrix is a science fiction action franchise created by Andy and Larry Wachowski and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The series began with the 1999 film The Matrix and later spawned two sequels; The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, both released in 2003, thus forming a trilogy. The characters and settings of the Matrix fictional universe are further explored in other media, including animation, comic books, and video games.

The series depicts a cyberpunk story incorporating numerous references to philosophical and religious ideas. Other influences include mythology, anime, and Hong Kong action films (particularly "heroic bloodshed" and martial arts movies). The fight choreographer for the trilogy was Yuen Woo-ping. [source: wiki]

H001 comes with 1:6 scale Neo head sculpt, collapsible eyepiece (shades), black windbreaker, Long-sleeved black T-shirt, black Trousers, Belt, Boots and Hands x 7. Do note that the 1/6 action figure body is not included. The head fits all Hot Toys and TTL bodies.

Keanu Reeves is Thomas A. Anderson (alias Neo, also known as "The One", "The Anomaly", or "Mr. Anderson"), the main protagonist in The Matrix Trilogy. Neo is also an anagram of One, a reference to his destiny of being "The One" who would bring peace.

In the second film, "The Matrix Reloaded", Neo is now fully confident in his ability to manipulate the artificial world within the Matrix: he can fly, has immense strength and speed, telekinetic abilities, and is nearly invulnerable. He retains his ability to see the code of the Matrix, from which his other abilities stem.

H002 comes with 1:6 scale Agent Smith head sculpt, collapsible eyepiece (shades), white shirt, Tie, Tie clip, Suit, Trousers, Belt, Shoulder holster, Pistol, Shoes and Hands x 7. Do note that the 1/6 action figure body is not included. The head fits all Hot Toys and TTL bodies.

Hugo Weaving is Agent Smith. Smith began as an Agent, an AI program in the Matrix programmed to keep order within the system by terminating human avatars which would bring instability to the simulated reality, as well as any rogue programs that no longer serve a purpose to the Machine collective. To this end, Smith possesses the ability to take control over the simulated body of any human wired into the Matrix. As an Agent, Smith is able to bend the rules of the Matrix (such as gravity and the limitations of the human body), giving him speed and strength beyond ordinary human capability.

At the end of the first Matrix film, Smith appeared to have been deleted by Neo; however, in the sequels, Smith is revealed to have been "freed" from the Machines' control, preventing him from being forcibly sent to the system source where he and other programs would be deleted. This process makes him into a renegade program, effectively making him a self-replicating computer virus. Along with his freedom, Smith gains the ability to copy himself onto others within the Matrix, rather than simply having the ability to switch between bodies as normal agents are able to.

The struggle between Neo and Smith becomes the main conflict underlying the events of The Matrix, which makes Smith the main antagonist of the series.

H003 consists of Elastic Sofa (soft systems), Table and Phone. All these elements were in the famous scene where Morpheus offers Neo a choice of ingesting a red pill, which will activate a trace program to locate Neo's body in the real world and allow the Nebuchadnezzar crew to extract him, or a blue pill, which will leave Neo in the Matrix to live and believe as he wishes.

Neo takes the red pill. The Nebuchadnezzar crew is then able to eject Neo's body from the Matrix powerplant and retrieve him from the cold sewers where the machines patrol.

A hacked telephone line serves as a safe "exit" from the Matrix and the telephones play a big part in the film.

You can purchase CmToys - Hacker World - H001 or CmToys - Hacker World - H002 separately but to get H003, you have to purchase the entire set :) Pre-orders are open at TFH

The thing is, Hot Toys had released a 1/6 scale Keanu Reeves as Neo from the Matrix 12-inch figure some time back (that was in 2001) - see my post HERE. ACI Toys also released an Agent Smith 1:6 scale 12-inch figure as part of their Men In Suits line - see pictures of ACI Smith HERE


RiP666 said...

what an interesting toy, eventhough it came from an unknown company, but it still have a power to compete with other big one..

WL a.k.a Wee Loong said...

They're smart...

They know we're more interested in the sofa, table & phone so purposely packaged them into a set..

still, even if you're not into the Matrix.. it's still good for kitbashing..