Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Toys Avatar: 1/6 Jake Sully Collectible Figure PREVIEW

Amid very high anticipation, Hot Toys is proud to present their Movie Masterpiece Series MMS159 1/6th scale Jake Sully Collectible Figure from the award-winning and glove-sweeping science-fiction epic adventure blockbuster AVATAR movie written and directed by JAMES CAMERON. The movie-accurate Jake Sully collectible is specially crafted based on his image in the movie in the Pandora world, highlighting the head and body sculpture and painting, highly detailed accessories and weapons, as well as specially-made light-up figure stage imitating the Pandora scene.

The 1/6th scale Jake Sully Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Jake Sully in the movie Avatar in the Pandora scene, Realistic 1/6th scale of approximate 18 inches / 45 cm tall with Over 30 points of articulations. Highly detailed head, body sculpture and painting in Avatar skin color and patterns. Wig with strings of beads. Movable tail. Four (4) pieces of interchangeable palms including: One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) right palm for holding gun, One (1) right palm for holding knife

Costume: One (1) brown cummerbund, One (1) green loincloth with strings of beads , One (1) right forearm gauntlet, One (1) pair of leg armors

Weapons: One (1) long gun, Six (6) grenades with harness. One (1) knife with sheath and harness

Accessories: One (1) piece of hair accessory with feather-like materials, One (1) visor, One (1) headset and one (1) mic on throat, One (1) choker, One (1) pair of arm bands, One (1) pair of arm bands with feather-like materials, Light-up figure stage imitating the Pandora scene with transparent pillar

Release date: Q4 2011

Artists: Figure Sculpted by Joseph Tsang, Figure Painted by Joseph Tsang
**Battery not included for figure stage, 3A batteries (3 pieces) are required
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

©2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Richie said...

Nice looking fig. A little late though, don't you think? haha :D

ethan said...

Love the guns...will definitely try to get the loose part.

Ms. Leo said...

I loved the movie and this is a great looking action figure. I wonder why they didn't do 4 fingers and toes like the charaters in the movie?

Anonymous said...

The humans' avatars had 5 fingers.

Anonymous said...

@ Ms. Leo

Because Jake Sully has 5 in the movie. That's because his navi has both navi and his dna.

Anonymous said...

Only pure navi have 4 finger, avatar with human DNA all with 5 figure~ btw great figure must collect!!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see an alternate sculpt pre-navi.

actfigman said...

ermmm...sorry but NO -_-.