Monday, July 25, 2011

New 1/6 Head Play head sculpts: luv 'em or "head" em

Luv 'em or "head" em - they're here to stay. You know the saying,"Heads, I win; Tails, you lose." haha that means I win either way :)

Here's the heads up on the latest 1/6 scale head sculpts from Head Play that are now making the rounds. Head Play headsculpts won't necessary make heads turn like the ones done by Hot Toys, DiD, Soldier Story or Enterbay but they definitely do offer an alternative to those of us collectors who want more options. These are for the Head Hunters, those who just want to have a piece of every Hollywood actor that has graced the big screen OR even the Asian actors who have made their mark in the Chinese cinema / film scene.

Clint Eastwood

Some of the heads are a hit while some might have missed a mark or two but hey, buy what you like and forget about those that don't strike any resemblance or chord with you :) This hobby is all about "having FUN with your life" (to quote from a good friend, Colin of Super Duper Toy Box)

Gary Oldman

This next round of Head Play head sculpts consists of 1:6 scale heads that bear likenesses of Hugh Jackman ("Hugh J"), Clint Eastwood ("Clint"), Kurt Cobain ("Kurt"), Jean Reno ("Jean"), Elijah Wood ("Elijah"), Daniel Day Lewis ("Daniel"), Gary Oldman ("Gary"), Marilyn Manson (seriously?!!) and Colin Farrell (Colin). An even latest grouping has Anthony Hopkins, Aaron Eckhart, Heath Ledger, Hugh Laurie, Joaquin Phoenix, Tobin Bell and Willem Dafoe. Heads are coming your way, and lots of them too.

Jean Reno

I'm sold on the Clint Eastwood head sculpt - it is as realistic as it gets and the resemblance and likeness is all there.  I'm sure people will be keen to buy the Gary Oldman and Jean Reno headsculpts for "The Professional" movie customs.

Daniel Day Lewis

Clive Owen

Hugh Jackman

Colin Farrell

Am surprised they didn't give Elijah more scruffy hair for a Frodo themed custom but I think this Elijah head sculpt is supposed to be Elijah Wood as Kevin in "The Hard Goodbye", part of the 2005 released crime thriller film "Sin City", also known as "Frank Miller's Sin City".

Elijah Wood

Sean Connery version 2.0

Kurt Cobain

Marilyn Manson

Anthony Hopkins

Aaron Eckhart

Heath Ledger

Hugh Laurie

 Joaquin Phoenix

Tobin Bell

Willem Dafoe

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desmond said...

I got Gary Oldman and Sean Connery today. The heads are nice :)

anthony t w myers said...

just got this head, i was amazed!