Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brother Production Fighting Club "Tayler" 12-inch figure REVIEW 1

Fight Club is a 1999 American film about an office employee Jack (Edward Norton) and a soap salesman, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) building a global organization to help vent male aggression. Between the two men, the unhinged but magnetic Tyler becomes the antagonist later in the story.

Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is a charismatic extremist of mysterious means. As the fight club's membership grows, Tyler begins to use it to spread his anti-consumerist ideas and recruits fight club's members to participate in increasingly elaborate pranks on corporate America. Tyler eventually gathers the most devoted fight club members (referred to as "space monkeys") and forms "Project Mayhem," a cult-like organization that trains itself as an army to bring down modern civilization. [source: wiki]

This Brother Production Fighting Club 1:6 scale "Tayler" 12-inch figure is most obviously inspired by Brad Pitt's character, Tyler Durden from "Fight Club".  According to them, this boxed set has a worldwide limited production of 200 pieces

The Brother Production 1:6 scale Fighting Club "Tayler" figure comes with: Real-like normal head sculpt that's supposed to resemble Brad Pitt, 12-inch male body with over 35 moving joints, Detailed patterned hawaii shirt, Realistic and detailed red jacket, Sportswear pants (dirty effect), Boots (dirty effect)

Close-up views of the 1:6 scale Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden head sculpt

An alternate real-like injured headsculpt is also included

Bandaged fist hands and a pistol

1:6 scale Nunchaku

Normal hands, a pair of side-handle batons (sometimes referred to as T-batons or Nightsticks) derived from the tonfa, an Okinawan kobudō weapon, and are used with a similar technique

Hands with rings, Bar of Soap (resin made)

Close-up pictures of the dirty Boots

More of Brother Production Fighting Club "Tayler" 12-inch figure in the next post, including his 1:6 scale steel frame glasses (metal etching) and a cigarette :)


Vincent Tétreault said...

Sweet !!!

icemocha75 said...

Thanks for putting up the intro on this figure. I got one for myself too just because I'm a Tyler Durden fan. Headsculpt resemblance-wise ... I personally think that it is probably around 70% close to Brad Pitt's looks. The dark skintone & rough skin texture might have reduce the likeness. I still like the figure nonetheless. But I'm hoping that Headplay makes a better head so that I can customise a Tyler bash with the costume parts from this set. ^_^

alex teo said...

thanks vincent & icemocha75 :)

besides being a brad pitt fan, i also liked the quality of the outfit for this brother production figure, especially Tyler's red leather jacket. IMHO it looks to be very well stitched and put together.

desmond said...

The sculpt and accessories are well made. The paint job on the facial sculpt can be better :)

Richie said...

Nice! but the joint at the neck is an eyesore.haha :))