Sunday, July 24, 2011

1:6 Modular Weapon Display PREVIEW

Looks like Zacca is back, now selling their spare gun displays as a set to 1:6 collectors who need a modular weapon display i.e. gun rack for displaying all their 1:6 guns and even edged weapons. I think it works rather well.

Zacca used to sell these 1:6 weapon racks together with their 1:6 guns /rifles as part of the "World Weapon Collection" set released some time ago. These racks could be customized into a modular display but I didn't need all those weapons. The only good weapon is the one the trooper is holding because that's the one he needs. Inevitably, over the years, I've managed to accumulate quite an arsenal of 1:6 scale weapons, mainly rifles and a good weapon rack will be most handy. In the past, without buying the weapons, you couldn't get the weapon display. So this is a bit of good news.

The 1:6 scale Modular Weapon Display looks pretty versatile and easy to assemble and use.

Click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

Here's the weapon rack without the weapons.

Looks like the Modular Weapon Display is sold in groups of ten single panels.

This is an example of how a single panel was used for displaying a 1:6 scale weapon, in this case, it's an M4 rifle.

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ethan said...

Now this looks alot better than the release by the Soldier Story. Was holding off from buying the one release from Soldier Story, something tells me there should be some other better release/design out there. Looks like this is the one:)

alex teo said...

I felt the same way too, ethan. Soldier Story's rack looks way too complicated when compared to this simple set-up which does the same job but looks neater :)

Anonymous said...

Hi @lex,
Do you the official web address for Zacca?
I would like to buy this weapon rack

Anonymous said...

hey @lex great find! any idea where i can order this gun rack? cant seem to find it on ebay and google isnt turning up anything