Sunday, July 10, 2011

R is also for Rocketpack Batman

This is the 1996 released Kenner Rocketpack Batman action figure with Firing Turbo Thrust Cannon from "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" animated series (with a switch of the figure). It was released much earlier in 1993 as Turbojet Batman and came with Firing Wrist Rocket and Pivoting Engines from "Batman The Animated Series" or BTAS line of Batman action figures. The basic figure body was the same (the Turbojet backpack straps were sculpted and painted on the figure, including other sculpted detailing on the boots and gloves) except for repaints of the Batsuit. The 1996 Rocketpack Batman figure was wearing a bright yellow batsuit. It's like Batman telling all the criminals in Gotham City: "Quick! Shoot me out of the sky! I'm having an identity crisis, I think I'm Yellow Canary! You can't miss!"

I just had to switch Batman figures and thankfully, I managed to find a loose Turbojet Batman (figure only, no jetpack) at one of my Sunday flea market visits :) This basic body with the sculpted harness was also used for other animated Batman figures: 1993 Sky Dive Batman (with working parachute for surprise attacks - throw Sky Dive Batman in the air and watch his silver mylar parachute deploy), 1994 Mech-Wing Batman (With Mechanized Soaring Wings and Pop-Out Wing Action) and 1995 Paraglide Batman (with Dive Bomb Sky Wing).

The Turbojet backpack / Rocketpack (with removable rocket launcher) has a really cool Art Deco look, and even features a Rocketeer helmet (which was a really cool feature for me). The Turbojet captures the 30s-inspired Batman The Animated Series (BTAS) feel perfectly, and is probably one of the best accessories to come out of the line.

The figure was 121mm (about 5 inches) tall with black cowl, black gloves, black boots and harness. It had the standard Kenner articulation: swivel neck, shoulders and hips.

The original Turbojet Batman came with: 1 x black cloth cape, 1 x black / clear helmet (for backpack), 2 x grey engines, 1 x dark grey wrist launcher with black trigger and clasps, 1 x dark grey jet pack with black clasp and 1 x yellow missile. The re-released version had everything in a single black color except for the missile, which was still yellow.

The Turbojet backpack (with removable rocket launcher - alas, not shown) has a really cool Art Deco look, and even features a Rocketeer helmet. The Rocketeer inspired helmet is something I really like, especially since there wasn't any Rocketeer action figures released then. I've managed to grab hold of the Medicom Toys 1/6 scale Rocketeer 12-inch figures since and have posted pictures of version 1 HERE and version 2 HERE.

Close-up of the ultra cool Rocketeer helmet

This animated Batman line started off with an accurately-styled Batman called Combat Belt Batman. The rest of the line was fraught with colorful repaints, making Combat Belt Batman one of the most sought-after and expensive BTAS figures. This Turbojet Batman was the closest to the original except he had the harness on him.

This Batman is probably the most conservative of the repaints, with a costume that is a slightly darker gray than the Combat Belt figure. The other differences include the Turbojet backpack straps that are sculpted and painted on the figure, as well as other sculpted detailing on the boots and gloves. Without the Turbojet, this Batman looks like he's ready for parachuting or hang gliding, which adds a cool action element to the figure. Batman comes with his characteristic cape, which is removable (unlike recent Batmen).


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