Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Toys 2008 The Dark Knight Heath Ledger Joker 2.0 – How will the suit fit? Just fine :)

Hot Toys announcement:
Dear all,

Following The Joker 2.0 announcement last week (see post HERE), many of our fans should have been expecting more news about him!

Here we are proud to present our specially tailor-made costume, which is finely customized by the extraordinaire 1/6th scale figure costume artist Kato. The Joker 2.0 costume would be the best which fits this advanced body, with well tailored movie-accurate cutting and materials.

More details will be unveiling soon! Stay tuned!


Richie said...

Oh come on...just release it already!! HAHA the suspense is killing me...

alex teo said...

with the backlog of figures HT still owes collectors after taking all the pre-orders, this figure won't be happening any time soon ;p HT will be getting this figure ready to show off at all the conventions and trade shows to garner interest but unlikely they'll release it this year.