Monday, June 11, 2012

ZCWO Presents Mens Collection MH (Mens Hommes) Vol. 5 - The Gambling Gangster

ZCWO has been on a roll lately. Fresh from releasing the Mens Hommes MH Vol. 3 Boxing Legend set (reviewed earlier HERE) and the MH Vol. 4 Protective Work Wear + Tools Set (previewed earlier),  ZCWO has now released pictures of their next Men's Fashion -  Mens Hommes Vol. 005. Looking at the contents and pictures, I can only deduce that this set is best suited for an Asian since the inclusion of Japanese wood sandals are a dead giveaway ;p that and the Chinese Dominoes with dice (NOT a very Western thing I gather although ZCWO chose to pose a Caucasian figure wearing the suit and sandals).

Do note that the 12-inch action figure shown posing in the pictures is NOT included and you are only buying the 1/6th scale outfit and accessories (a lot of that popping up lately). The figure shown but NOT included bears a striking resemblance to American actor Jeff Bridges who played Obadiah Stane in the first Iron Man movie, who later became the Iron Monger! That kind of tells you that this outfit is designed for a bad guy / villain although you are free to choose which figure you wish to clothe the outfit with or dress the figure in.

ZCWO Mens Collection MH (Mens Hommes) Vol. 005 - The Gambling Gangster outfit set will include the following 1/6th scale items: Single Breasted Jacket (Grey), Slacks (Grey), Pattern Shirt, Scarf, Handkerchief, Leather Belt, Dress Shoes and Socks.

Accessories include Gold necklaces, Cigar, Lighter, Gold Watch, Chinese Dominoes with Dice, Sunglasses, Japanese wood sandals, Knife, Knuckle Dusters.

Additional Body Parts (NOT for creating diorama scenes of gory bloody parts but merely extra hands and feet for switching out if you choose to): 3 pairs of hands with pegs, 1 pair of Feet with pegs

Most importantly: 12-inch Action Figure NOT Included!

Going by the look of things, one can safely assume that this gang type of character is operating an illegal gambling den and when things get out of hand which always does in these kinds of situations, matters turn very ugly and blood will be shed in the process. The gold watch and gold chain is not helping the situation either. They are practically advertising the fact that this is a no-good punk who's just out to make a quick buck and wants to strike it rich real fast by whichever means necessary and woe to the fella who ends up offending him ;p

click on the picture to have a Bigger and Better view :)


Albion said...

Do you know what the head sculpt is from and where it is available? I really want THIS head sculpt!

alex teo said...

It looks like another version of Obadiah Stane. I got the Soldier Story version - see my toy blog post "Kitbash 1/6 Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane"