Thursday, June 7, 2012

MC Toys 1/6th scale SOCF - Cultural Support Teams (CST) Female Soldier 12-inch Figure

I learn something new everyday, even from collecting 1/6th scale 12-inch action figures :) didn't know about this special group of personnel until now.

Cultural Support Teams (CST) are all-female Soldier teams who serve as enablers supporting Army Special Operations combat forces in, and around secured objective areas. Their primary task is to engage female populations in objective areas when such contact may be deemed culturally inappropriate if performed by a male service member. CSTs directly support activities ranging from medical civic action programs, searches and seizures, humanitarian assistance, and civil-military operations. Primarily, CST training will focus on basic human behavior, Islamic and Afghan cultures, women and their role in Afghanistan, and tribalism. Training is conducted on Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, N.C.

MC Toys 1/6th scale SOCF - Cultural Support Teams(CST) Female Soldier 12-inch Figure (MCM-004) come with: 1/6th scale female head sculpt, 12-inch female body, SI Assault Gloves, Sunglasses, Arabia scarf, Tactical pants, MultiCam ACU jacket and pants, RBAV Multicam Body Armor Vest, grenade pouch, grenades x 2, M4 Rifle magazine pouch, pistol magazine pouch, smoke grenades x 2, D-rings x 2, Radio and radio pouch, hydration carrier, belt, X-TAK kneepads, Combat hiker military boots.

Don't know who MC (Magic Cube) Toys is but this new company has been offering a few interesting 1/6th scale items recently, the most recent being the MC Toys: 1/6th scale Man's Fashion Camouflage Suit - Bathing Ape clothes for the 12-inch figure (posted HERE)

The Cultural Support Program is an important addition to the Army's special-operations community that allow specially selected and trained volunteers to serve alongside special-operations forces in a unique operating environment. Graduates of the training course are awarded a professional development skill identifier and the title of "cultural support specialist." [source:]

Always nice to have a 1/6th scale 12-inch female action figure standing alongside the generally all-male figures and this latest offering by MC Toys seems to be a rather nice addition

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