Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pre-order ACI Toys 1/6th Andrew version 4.0 limited edition 12" figure "Man with a Spider"

This is the ACI Toys 1/6th scale Andrew Version 4.0 "Man with a Spider" 12-inch figure available only @ and limited to only 250 pcs. Item no. AB-5 is the Andrew Version 4.0 (with Tattoo) which is an Exclusive with limited quantities produced: 250 pcs. (limited edition). Regular Price: US$55 Shipped Worldwide. Discounted Price for VIP & Members. Pre-order starts: 31st May. Selling @ Shipping date: Mid or Late June

Why "Andrew"? Because Adam had already been taken ;p What does Adam mean in Hebrew since that is where the name first appeared in the Book of Genesis (bible)? A recurring literary motif that occurs in Genesis 1-8, is the bond between Adam and the earth ("adamah"). GOD made Adam from the earth ("adamah"), and it is from this "adamah" that Adam gets his name. As a masculine noun, adam means "man" or "mankind", usually in a collective context as in humankind, and may also refer to the individual human.

Andrew version 4.0 however, is made entirely by man i.e. ACI Toys (and GOD has no part in it) and comes with tattoos. What does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine because frankly, I don't know but I thought I'll just share these pictures since muscle bodies are the rage these days although someone did write to me to tell me that he bought the Hot Toys TTM19 TrueType muscular body figure (pictures HERE) and found out to his horror that it stains easily. He had just dressed him up with a military shirt (according to him, the shirt was branded and expensive which meant not a knockoff using cheap cloth dye) and next thing he knew, dark stains stuck on the skin :( Nothing worked to remove it. So he's trying to repaint it.

I don't know if anybody has had similar experiences because once I dress a figure, I usually don't remove the clothes / uniform / costume so I have not came across stained bodies yet.

This ACI Toys 1/6th Andrew version 4.0 limited edition 12" figure "Man with a Spider" doesn't seem to have the additional joint in the upper torso. It looks like one whole piece as opposed to the ACI Toys 1/6 scale Gladiator of Rome 2: Spartacus 12-inch figure which showed the newly Developed Muscular Body to allow better abdominal articulation (Previewed earlier HERE). So is this a step back in terms of development?


rudeboy said...

Okay, I honestly thought this was gonna be a cheap Spider-Man knockoff.

Spider tattoo + Andrew aka Andrew Garfield alias New Spider-Man ?

But without a headsculpt, we'll never, never know his real identity, J.J.!

One Shot said...

55 bucks for a nude body these oh man when are we going to say ENOUGH ALREADY! these things are made for like 88 cents each and the mark up is INCREDIBLE (of course i understand you need to make money and cover your production costs....but 55 bucks?) these things should be 17.99 AT THE MOST! no head? no clothes? no accessories? no weapons? yet they ask 55 bucks for this figure. (Don't get me wrong, they are really cool and all).

alex teo said...

hey george, i totally agree with you man. the prices people are charging these days, it's almost like daylight robbery :( best we can do is say "NO!" and hope many others do the same. if nobody buys, then companies don't gain and will realize that it's supposed to be a buyer's market and not a seller's monopoly and dictatorship - i say how much, you pay me what i say! - that's just NOT right!