Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MC Toys: 1/6th scale Man's Fashion Camouflage Suit - Bathing Ape clothes for the 12-inch figure

This 1/6th scale fashion outfit set will be released by MC (Magic Cube) Toys. It is a 1/6th scale Man's Fashion Camouflage Suit (MCF-013) which will consists of man's fashion camouflage jacket, man's fashion short pants, belt, backpack / bag and tee / T-shirt. You will notice that the camouflage suit is of the Bathing Ape kind :)

A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) is a Japanese clothing company founded by Nigo in 1993. The company specializes in men's, women's and kids' lifestyle and street wear, running 19 stores in Japan, including Bape Stores, Bape Pirate Stores, Bape Kids Stores, Bapexclusive Aoyama, and Bapexclusive Kyoto.

According to founder and owner Nigo, the name "BAPE" is a reference to "A Bathing Ape In Lukewarm Water". Japanese people typically have daily baths in water at temperatures above 40 degrees celsius (104°F). As such, bathing in luke warm water is to complacently over indulge. This is, ironically, a reference to the lazy opulence of the younger generation of Japanese, the brand's own customers. [source: wiki]

This is just another great 1/6th scale outfit for kitbashing :) That shows you how much the 1/6th scale market has grown. Previously, you could only sell figures with clothes as there just weren't enough figures around to warrant just 1/6th scale clothing / fashion and accessories. But now, with the amount of different head sculpts being released, along with 12-inch figure bodies which allow you to mix and match to kitbash and customize your own figure, 1/6th scale fashion becomes necessary as well so that you can best equip and clothe your action figures :) some of my figures have better clothes than me LOLZ

So where do you draw the line between action figures and dolls? According to wiki: An action figure is a posable character figurine, made of plastic or other materials, and often based upon characters from a film, comic book, video game, or television program. These action figures are usually marketed towards boys and male collectors. While most commonly marketed as a children's toy, the action figure has gained wide acceptance as an adult collector item. In such a case, the item may be produced and designed on the assumption it will be bought solely for display.

The term "action figure" was first coined by Hasbro in 1964, to market their G.I. Joe figure to boys who wouldn't play with dolls. G.I. Joe was initially a military-themed 11.5-inch figure proposed by marketing and toy idea-man Stan Weston. It featured changeable clothes with various uniforms to suit different purposes. In a move that would create global popularity for this type of toy, Hasbro also licensed the product to companies in other markets.

One can say that the difference between dolls and action figures is that girls play with dolls and guys play with action figures. Dolls tend to be motionless or posed in various fixed positions / stationary while action figures can do a lot more things (articulation is the key) than dolls. In the case of Barbie, they can move their arms and their legs. But that is the only extent.

Most male collectors I know (including myself) get upset when people call what we collect DOLLS! We would protest and state vehemently that we collect ACTION FIGURES! I actually posted a toy blog entry on this subject in April 2011 (more than a year ago) titled "I collect Action Figures!" check out the post HERE :)

Back to this MC Toys: 1/6th scale Man's Fashion Camouflage Suit that is coming soon. I'm certainly looking forward to it and will be getting it to clothe my action figure :) as opposed to dressing a doll.

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