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Incoming: DAM Toys 1/6 scale U.S. Navy SEAL Recon team leader 12-inch figure is Bruce Willis

"Tears of the Sun" is a 2003 American war film depicting a U.S. Navy SEAL team rescue mission amidst a civil war in Nigeria. Bruce Willis plays a Special-Ops commander (LT A.K. Waters) who leads his team into the jungle of Nigeria to rescue a doctor played by Monica Belluci who will only go with them if they agree to rescue 70 refugees too.

Finally! The one a lot of us have been waiting for - DAM Toys 1/6 scale U.S. Navy SEAL Recon team leader 12-inch figure (No. 93009) who is obviously very much inspired by Bruce Willis' character in "Tears of the Sun". As I had mentioned in my previous post, the names of movie characters play a big part in the film they are in. Bruce Willis' character's name is A.K. Waters because he's a United States Navy SEAL operator, SEAL being the acronym for Sea, Air, Land Teams. The acronym is derived from their capacity to operate at sea, in the air, and on land.

DAM Toys 1/6 scale U.S. Navy SEAL Recon team leader 12-inch figure will come with 1/6 scale real-like head sculpt, DAM 12-inch action figure body, black t-shirt, SOF woodland camouflage battle dress uniform (BDU), BDU belt, H-harness, LC2 S belt, Acadia boots, Nomex gloves (black), enhanced butt pack, 1QT canteen and canteen cover x 2, LC2 ammo pouch x 2, double pistol magazine pouch x 2, AN/PRC-148 radio and pouch, LASH I headset, military binoculars, SOPMOD M4 carbine with backup iron sight, COMP M2 red dot sight, AN/PVS-18 NVG with weapon mount, AN/PEQ-5 CVL laser, RIS rail panel, vertical grip, stock pad, 3-point rifle sling, USGI sling adaptor, M4 5.56 mag x 6, Mk23 Mod 0 pistol with suppressor, .45 pistol magazine x 3, pistol holster, M67 fragmentation grenade x 4, SOG X42 combat knife, Kandahar combat knife, PUK combat knife, hanging buckle, G-shock watch

Hey look, a Lefty! Left-hand holsters are not as common as right-hand ones and because Bruce Willis is left-handed, the pistol drop-down holster is corrected positioned on his left thigh. It's rather unique because if you look at a screen shot of the SEAL team with weapons drawn, Bruce (LT A.K. Waters) is the only one holding a weapon in his left hand. Everyone else is right-handed ;p

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DAM is certainly coming thick and fast! I do like the head sculpt as I feel it is a pretty good likeness. The eyes do appear to be a bit too sunken in but the resemblance is still there. It is understandable though that the 1/6 scale head sculpt cannot be too exact for obvious legal reasons. This comes pretty close. THere's also the Art Figures version which was released in 2011. You can check out the reviews and pictures HERE and HERE.

Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) seems to have a thing for knives. He has not one, not two but three knives with him - very cool :)

In the movie, Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) is seen with his M4A1 with M68 Aimpoint scope and RIS foregrip. Lieutenant Waters (Bruce Willis), Flea (Chad Smith), and Lake (Johnny Messner) use M4A1 carbines as their primary weapons.

When the team first arrives in Africa, their M4A1's are fitted with PVS-14 night-vision scopes which are removed once morning arrives. LT Waters' also has a D-LAP Laser sight, essentially a more compact PEQ-2A.

The pistol designed especially for USSOCOM, the Heckler & Koch Mark 23 is used by several Navy SEALs, including LT Waters, Zee, Red, Flea, Lake, and Slo.

Gear wise, this DAM Toys 1/6 scale U.S. Navy SEAL Recon team leader 12-inch figure seems more accurate than the Art Figures version (see pictures HERE for comparisons)

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Anonymous said...

Each of those DAM Navy is as much interesting for people who wants to acquire the entire squad from DAM; as for those interested in kitbashing, with rare and well done accessories (the Gunner's laptop, left gun holster, etc....).
And it seems to go further than accessories as I just saw the next 2 figures from DAM that are quite original and a lot of future dioramas will feature dozens of them ;D

Can't wait to see what they'll cover next.