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Review III: Hot Toys 1/6 scale Captain America 12-inch Collectible Figure from "The Avengers"

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Gotta tell you, as a Captain America fan, I'm totally loving this Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS 174 1/6 scale Captain America 12-inch Collectible Figure from "The Avengers" movie. I've already posted two earlier reviews of this Hot Toys Avengers Captain America 1/6 figure HERE (box packaging design and contents) and HERE (Cap with his trusty shield) but I just wanted to post more pictures of Cap to share on my toy blog because this Captain America figure ROCKS! And going by the number of page views since I posted the first review on January 22, 2013 of this awesome Hot Toys Avengers Captain America 12-inch action figure (as of time of this posting, over 1,700 hits so far), you guys seem to agree with me :)

Now I'm just posting pictures of Captain America in a dynamic standing pose with his shield (ready to spring into action at any moment) and you can see the various side profiles and turnaround views when you scroll down this toy blog post. You can also see how this latest Hot Toys Avengers Captain America compares with the earlier released Hot Toys First Avenger Captain America 12-inch figure. Scroll down to see the comparison pic :)

For Steve Rogers, all it took to go from a puny, military-rejected weakling to muscle-bound super soldier was a hyperbaric chamber and a couple injections of experimental serum. It wasn't quite so easy for Chris Evans to pull off the feat off-screen. Chris Evans went from his superhero role as Johnny Storm / Human Torch in "Fantastic Four (2005)" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)" to that of Steve Rogers / Captain America in "Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)" and Marvel's "The Avengers (2012)". He will reprise this role in 2014 in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

The star told PopSugar in an interview, "We did two hours a day, and it was brutal. I usually like working out. Going in sucks, but walking out, you're like, 'I'm glad I did that!'"

"This was different. I'd walk out and I'd be like, 'I need to vomit. I hate this trainer. I hate this movie. I want to go to sleep for a week.' It was just relentless. I've got a fast metabolism and I lose weight very quickly, so for me to get big, it was just eat a lot."

I quite like the movie version of Captain America's superhero costume as it retains the all familiar red, white and blue look and yet still manages to give it a fresh perspective. I think the red gloves / gauntlets and red boots are a nice touch.

The costume is described as a blue, grayish-white and red garment with embossed pattern as well as star on chest, one pair of red gloves / gauntlets, One (1) pair of blue pants, One (1) blue belt with pouches, One (1) pair of red boots. The metal-like electroplated shield completes the look.

As I had mentioned already in my earlier posts, my only gripe is with the pants, or lack thereof. The waist is set too low and there's too much torso showing.

Other than that, this is a GREAT figure

I've always been a big fan of Captain America and even though I've been collecting 1/6 scale pose-able action figures since 1994, this is only my SECOND 12-inch Captain America figure. The first is also from Hot Toys and is the Hot Toys First Avenger Captain America 1/6 scale figure. That's how long I had to wait to get my hands on 12-inch Cap.

Scroll down to see close-up views and pictures of this Hot Toys 1/6 scale Captain America 12-inch Collectible Figure from "The Avengers" film. A great action figure with an amazing Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America head sculpt.

Absolutely love all the little details found on the 1/6 scale Captain America superhero costume, down to even the pouches, gloves and boots

I like that the star on his chest is not too overwhelming :) It's okay in the comic books I guess but would look out of place in the real world scenario.

The wings on his head are now designed as part of his helmet and not sticking out like in the comic books because the wings sticking out looks okay on paper but wouldn't look all too great or functional when Cap is moving about and fighting aliens / villains

The silver strips on Cap's shoulders are a nice touch as it breaks the monotony of the blue upper chest area. Did I mention how much I like the red gloves / gauntlets and boots already?

And as promised, here's a picture of Hot Toys 1/6 scale First Avenger Captain America (reviewed earlier HERE, HERE and HERE) standing next to the latest released Hot Toys The Avengers Captain America 12-inch figure. Waitaminit! Did Steve Rogers grow taller while he was frozen in suspended animation before waking up in the modern world? Once again, Hot Toys does the unthinkable and upsizes modern Captain America. He now towers over World War II Captain America like a demi-god! I actually feel that Thor would be taller than Cap because being the crown prince of Asgard and the thunder god, it would be logical that he appear taller and bigger. So if modern Cap is so much bigger (taller), does that mean that Thor has to be even taller? Then there's the issue with Iron Man. After releasing so many 1/6 scale Iron Man figures in the various armor suits, Captain America who is without any armor whatsoever stands as tall as Iron Man which is supposed to be an armor suit wrapped over a human body. That doesn't seem right at all. If you were to put Captain America next to Iron Man, Iron Man should be bigger because Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is not a small man either. So shouldn't Iron Man be bigger and taller too? As tall as Thor? Scale-wise, I think there are some issues which means you cannot pose them side-by-side but you have to place them away from each other so that the size discrepancies are not obvious.

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Unknown said...

wonderful sculpted... piece. i am not sure if i ever asked, do you get these all or maybe work with them?

humanbeingill said...

I noticed the pants were a bit too low waisted as well which made the torso appear way too long. Easy fix, simply hike the belt and pouches up a bit and it'll lengthen the look of the pants. Also, I prefer the two-piece boot construction which gives the ankle added articulation which was used on The new HT Batman and the Ezio Creed figure.

drewflu61 said...

Hey Alex,
Captain America has always been a favorite of mine. I even had a subscription to the comic in the 70s before comic book stores became common. Here is the url for a French blog that has some concept art for the upcoming Winter Soldier Movie that you might find interesting.

alex teo said...

Hi Jeremy
Sometimes 1/6 manufacturers send me their stuff to review but most times I have to get what I like although I've been blessed with some income from the blog that I don't actually spend my own money in that sense. Whatever extra income that comes thru my toy blog is used to buy the figures that I like. Cheers

alex teo said...

hey Pierre, my thoughts too about the pants. I thot I'll post pictures of the figure as is and then post corrected pictures later for a comparison. unfortunately the captain america boots are a solid piece and not two-piece construction.

alex teo said...

Hi drewflu
Thanks for the link :) nice concept pics. can't wait to see how the new costume will look CHEERS

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

love this- I think they did a great job updating Cap for these movies

Unknown said...

lucky dog... that is great, either way... my wife lets me look, never get anymore. unless it's really cool.

alex teo said...

thanks Colin (Super-D) and I totally agree with you about the great job updating Cap for the movie :)

alex teo said...

thanks Jeremy :) tell your wife that there're a lot of really cool stuff being released these days ;p