Monday, January 14, 2013

Incoming: Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Roman Legionary with marching pack and Aquilifer

Besides the 1/6 scale Roman Centurion Artorius Lucius Castus 12-inch figure Kaustic Plastik will be releasing this year, they are also releasing other 12-inch Roman army figures as well. Kaustic Plastik prides themselves in being historically correct in their production of these Roman era figures so you can be sure these are going to turn out looking nicer than nice.

The Roman legionary was a professional soldier of the Roman army after the Marian reforms. Legionaries had to be Roman citizens under the age of 45. They enlisted in a legion for twenty-five years of service, a change from the early practice of enlisting only for a campaign. The last five years were on veteran lighter duties. [source: wiki]

On the march in unfriendly terrain, the legionary would be loaded down with armour commonly lorica hamata, lorica squamata, and 1st-3rd century lorica segmentata, shield (scutum), helmet (galea), two javelins (one heavy pilum and one light verutum), a short sword (gladius), a dagger (pugio), a pair of heavy sandals (caligae), a sarcina (marching pack), about fourteen days worth of food, a waterskin (bladder for water), cooking equipment, two stakes (sudes murale) for the construction of palisades, and a shovel or wicker basket.

The Roman soldier underwent especially rigorous training; discipline was the base of the army's success, and the soldiers were relentlessly and constantly trained with weapons and especially with drill — forced marches with full load and in tight formation were frequent. Discipline was important and infractions were heavily punished by the centurions. However, honours, rewards and promotions were frequently awarded to legionaries who distinguished themselves in battle or through exemplary service.

Description: Tiberius Claudius Maximus - Roman Legionary with marching pack - Legio VII Claudia - Circa 101-106 A.D. - Roman Invasion of Dacia - Middle Europe.

Lucius Duccius Rufinus - Aquilifer - Legio IX Hispana - Circa 60 A.D. - Roman Invasion of Britain - Camulodunum

An aquilifer was a senior signifer bearing the eagle standard of a Roman legion. The name derives from the type of standard, aquila meaning "eagle" (which was the universal type used since 104 BC), and fers, related to the Latin word for bringing or carrying. Before that time, the wolf, boar, bull and horse were also used. The eagle standard was the most important possession of the legion and its loss was a terrible disgrace.

The aquilifer's position was accordingly one of enormous prestige, and he was ranked immediately below the centurions and above the optiones, receiving twice the pay of an ordinary legionary (Brunt, 1950).

According to Kaustic Plastik: All the new products will have a new deluxe packaging that will guarantee a 100% safeness and will avoid shipping damages! There will be New improved helms technology with easy plug in / plug out face protections! And New improved production technology for longer lasting and resistant products!

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