Monday, January 7, 2013

Preview DAM Toys 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Recon team SAW Gunner 12" military figure

Tears of the Sun (TOTS) is a 2003 American war film depicting a U.S. Navy SEAL team rescue mission amidst a civil war in Nigeria. LT A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) commands the team sent to rescue U.S. citizen Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (Monica Bellucci) from the civil war en route to her jungle hospital. The film was directed by Antoine Fuqua.

The actors who portrayed SEALs underwent a two-week boot camp; during principal photography, they had to address and refer to each other by character name — even off camera, to improve interaction. Nick Chinlund starred as OS1 Michael "Slo" Slowenski: Automatic Rifleman (SAW).

DAM Toys continues with their 1/6 scale Tears of the Sun (TOTS) 12-inch figure series with this latest preview of their next figure in the series: a 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Recon team SAW Gunner 12-inch military action figure who bears a strong resemblance to Nick Chinlund (OS1 Michael "Slo" Slowenski).

Dam Toys: US Navy SEAL Recon Team SAW Gunner (No. Dam93012) will come with 1/6 scale real-like head sculpt, Dam 12-inch action figure body, scarf, black t-shirt, SOF woodland camouflage battle dress uniform, BDU belt, 1195k gunner floating harness, motorcycle gloves, wrist wear x 2, acadia boots, one-quart canteen x 2, three-day backpack, double pistol magazine pouch, AN/PRC-148 radio, LASH I headset, GETAC A790 military computer, MK46mod0 (para stock), RIS rail panel x 2, COMP M2 scope, 100-round SAW ammo box, 5.56mm metal chain ammo x 11, KAC grip, SAW sling, MK24 mod 0 pistol, 9mm pistol magazine x 3, pistol holster, KAR-BAR combat knife with leather sheath, Mk13 mod 0 signal flare, G-shock watch

Scroll down to see more pictures of this DAM Toys 1/6 scale US Navy SEAL Recon team SAW Gunner 12" military figure

In "Tears of the Sun (TOTS)", Slo (Nick Chinlund), the squad's designated heavy gunner and tech-guy is seen with his paratrooper version of the M249 SAW throughout the movie. DAM Toys SEAL SAW Gunner is equipped with a 1/6 scale MK46mod0 (para stock) instead of the M249 SAW Para.

In the film, Slo (Nick Chinlund) also had his M72 LAW strapped into his pack. Looks like there's no M72 included with this DAM Toys upcoming release

Overall, this still looks like a DAM fine figure indeed

Check out the 1/6 scale head sculpt. Does it look like Nick Chinlund who played OS1 Michael "Slo" Slowenski: Automatic Rifleman (SAW) in Tears of the Sun (TOTS)

The 1/6 scale GETAC A790 military computer is looking very NiCe ;p me liking it a lot

A close-up pictures of the MK46mod0 (para stock) with RIS rail panel x 2, COMP M2 scope, 100-round SAW ammo box, 5.56mm metal chain ammo x 11, KAC grip and SAW sling

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Unknown said...

Nice one! This line definately begins to fly. Do you own any of these figures personally Alex? Can you recommend them? I liked the movie and looked at the ArtFigures Bruce since a long with Dam toys releasing the other characters this def. get interesting. You know how good the bodies of DAM toys are next to a HT Truetype? Cheers, Andre

alex teo said...

Yes Andre :) I have the entire Black Hawk Down figures and gotten the Recon team Pointman. I will be pre-ordering this one as well. I've also pre-ordered DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom figures as well. DAM Toys had some quality issues in their earlier releases but things are looking better now. CHEERS

Unknown said...

Alex thanks for finding all those differences on the gear between the movie characters and the figure, I just collect movie characters so it is a very relevant info.

Myself I am not very happy with the HS of this figure, thought the likeness is good, the face also looks like a cromagnon´s one, too exagerate for me.
Though I will be also ordering this one.
I cant wait to see the end of this with DAM´s own Bruce Willis.

So, who is going to be next?
I say it is going to be "SILK", the black guy with the sniper rifle.

If we collect them all which it will be lots of money, they should give us a reward or something, that would so DAM cool.