Sunday, January 27, 2013

Play Imaginative upcoming Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 collectible figure with Hall of Armor

There's the saying "Strike while the IRON is HOT!" which is to say "When you have an opportunity to do something, do it before you lose your chance."

It seems that many companies are taking it too literally when it comes to IRON Man ;p Everybody wants IN on the piece of the action, a taste of the pie. Due to the success of Marvel Studios "Iron Man" films, Hot Toys was the first to capitalize on them to make HUGE profits from dishing out endless Iron Man 12-inch figures in every variant and color and type. They had collectors eating out of their hands buying everything they sold, sometimes even more than one per type.

Now other companies have joined in the fray. This is Play Imaginative upcoming release: Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 scale collectible figure which will come with Hall of Armor. Pre-order is now open for sale in Singapore only. Well, what do you know? There's something actually coming out from Singapore.

Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII
Approx. Height: 30.5cm (12inch)
Approx. Weight: 1kg
The Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII features Tony Stark’s upgraded Iron Man suit as featured in the 2012 movie "The Avengers". This fully articulated figure has the full range of movements and poses, and is made of 88% die-cast metal alloy, weighing approximately 1kg.

Play Imaginative upcoming Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 scale collectible figure comprises of at least 88% die-cast metal alloy; Die-cast metal mask, torso, arms, & legs; Battery operated lights for ARC Reactor, eyes & palm areas (batteries included); Magnetised feet automatically activate Hall of Armor lights when placed in position; Armored figurine with 50 points of articulation; Ball-jointed shoulders for full range of arm movements; Double-jointed body, bendable at upper torso; Fully articulated hands and fingers. Comes with a figure stand, Packaging artwork by Adi Granov

The Super Alloy Hall of Armor is where Tony Stark houses his Iron Man suits. Featuring 5 different lighting modes activated by remote control, it allows for ease of use within any display cabinet. With a die-cast metal back interior and base, the Hall of Armor weighs approximately 3.6kg.

When the Iron Man Mark VII is positioned in the Hall of Armor, magnetised feet automatically activate lighting mode 5 for an impressive display.

Super Alloy Hall of Armor
Approx. Dimensions: 24.9cm(W) x 19.1cm(D) x 41.4cm(H)
Approx. Weight: 3.6kg
Features Die-cast metal back interior & base; Battery operated lights for side, top, back & base areas (batteries included); 5 different lighting modes to choose from; Infrared remote control operates lights for ease of control within display cabinet; Lighting mode 5 automatically activated by magnetised feet in Iron Man figure when placed in position; Magnetic sides, top and base allow multiple Halls of Armor to connect with and stack on top of each other; Magnetic waist clamp to hold the Iron Man figure in position

This all sounds GREAT but I would really have loved to see actual product pictures (even prototype images would have been good) of the Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 scale collectible figure rather than these computer generated images. I would love to see the 50 points of articulation in action poses to show what it can do.

I had seen this figure on display at the 2012 STGCC last year and posted pictures HERE but the Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 scale collectible figure was also placed in a static standing pose without any action poses to show off its articulation and range. The size and scale didn't impress me either and I found myself more drawn to Hot Toys version which is cheaper and seems to have more detailing plus a Tony Stark head sculpt to boot.


humanbeingill said...

88% metal? 50 points of articulation?? Those BIG can only mean BIG price tag!!! Hot Toys is also doing a DieCast series... It's a must that I have one METAL IRONMAN, price will decide who gets my hard earned money. I can not WAIT to see this up close!

alex teo said...

Metal die-cast does describe IRON Man very well. We'll just have to see how it turns out - no pictures are available at the moment to convince me to pre-order. I wasn't blown away by their Super Alloy Batman figure which wasn't impressive at all. The price point was a put-off too - way too HIGH for my liking

Unknown said...

I'm actually pretty stoked for this. Presents a good change from plastic/rubber/fabric figures once in awhile. Would probably make a good "last piece" for me as I'm running out of space to display my collectibles haha.

Pre-ordering from the store itself is 400 for members (425 retail), which is pretty steep. But of course it's diecast metal, which probably accounts for quite a bit. I could do without the hall of armour display though; I'm not such a fan of dioramas and it seems like they put a bit of money into that. Could probably have kept the price down with a simpler display stand, but I guess they're trying to be different from the other manufacturers.

Will Falcon's Hangar be bringing this in? Or do I have no choice but to order from Play Imaginative?

humanbeingill said...

Your right, Super Alloy Batman was terrible actually. Could have been so cool but it turned out like a department store toy.

shiro said...

Hot Toys is a tough act to follow. For me, a new 1/6 scale player should take 2 steps behind the market leader. They should address and produce what Hot Toys has failed to do or has not provided in the market. To site an example producing Iron Monger's cage (not sure if i got the term right, feel free to correct me). Offer accessories or weapons such as Tony Stark's work table, 1/6 base with broken HAMMER droids with flickering lights (realistic), unique stands or bases to mimic flight mode, repulsor firing mode. In case Hot Toys does the same, buyers won't necessarily bite it from them coz, you don't need plenty of accessories to start with. It's logical & practical.

alex teo said...

Hi Zi Yi
Pre-order is UP for this at TFH :)

Brett.Tolino said...

BUYER BEWARE on this product! I just bought one from a seller on ebay, paid over $500.00 for it too. It comes packaged VERY well, there's even a plastic taped seal around the figure box (which is boxed inside the Hall of Armor box). Clearly, it was sealed at the manufacturing plant. When I opened the figure box, the shoulder pieces were completely detached and sitting at the bottom of the box, exposing the ball joints. The shoulder pieces have pins in them to attach to the shoulder but nothing on the shoulder to attach them to. Needless to say, the diecast figure came defective, as if someone did not want to assemble the figure at the plant and just tossed the metal shoulders into the box and sealed it up. I was PISSED -- paying over $500 for this piece of garbage. Instructions state to contact Play Imaginative for any issues regarding the purchase but all emails (and the Play Imaginative website only provides email addresses) to the company go ignored. Wasted $500.00 on this garbage and Play Imaginative DOES NOT RESPOND to complaints about their defective merchandise. BEWARE before you buy ANY Super Alloy product from Play Imaginative. You are not dealing with a professional company like Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles where if you receive damaged or defective merchandise, you can return it for an exchange. Buy a Play Imaginative product, risk getting a defective item that Play Imaginative will do NOTHING about -- not even reply to your emails. Check their facebook page -- I'm not the only one having issues with their products. Many people complaining about their Super Alloy Superman where the feet come with missing screws and all sorts of nonsense -- and Super Alloy Superman wasn't nearly as expensive as Super Alloy Iron Man. If you buy one, beware, Don't say you weren't warned.

alex teo said...

Thanks for sharing Brett. So sorry for your loss :(