Thursday, May 8, 2014

New DC T-shirts and exclusive two-packs with DC figures are now available at Myfaceonafigure

Myfaceonafigure to team up with DC Comics for exclusive action figure two-packs featuring your favorite DC characters alongside your own custom action figure.

Myfaceonafigure is happy to announce a partnership with DC Comics that will allow the collector community to purchase two-packs featuring DC Comics characters alongside their very own custom figure. The retro, Mego style DC figures are produced by Figures Toy Company, the sister company of Myfaceonafigure. Customers will be able to select their choice of any of the offered DC Comics figures, as well as a character themed package. In addition, custom figure t-shirts featuring the familiar logos of heroes like Superman, Batman, and The Flash will be available as a clothing selection for any custom action figures.

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Figures available for immediate purchase include: Batman, Robin, The Joker, and The Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin, Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne. Additional figures released through Figures Toy Company will also be available to select for a Myfaceonafigure two-pack upon release. Some of the upcoming figures that will be offered as part of a two-pack include Batgirl, Alfred, and characters from the Batman 1966 Classic TV Show.

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About Myfaceonafigure
Myfaceonafigure was launched in 2012 by Tony Balasco as a way for action figure fans to get what they've always wanted: a chance to make an action figure of themselves. The company offers custom male and female action figures in both 8-inch and 12-inch form, as well as 5-inch child size figures and 6-inch wrestling action figures. The company has found great success working with various US military support groups and charities, and has also created figures for well known celebrities such as the Comic Book Men, DJ Tiesto, and Alter Bridge. Wrestling superstars The Young Bucks, Dale Torborg, and John Cena, Sr. have all also had their action figures created by Myfaceonafigure.

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