Thursday, May 15, 2014

AX2 2014 Thailand Toy Expo Exclusive: 1/6 scale Taketa High Furyo Yuske 12-inch figure Review II

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This is the 2014 Thailand Toy Expo AX2 Studio Exclusive figure made available only at the show. Limited to 50 pieces, 1/6 scale Taketa High FURYO YUSKE 12-inch collectible figure is fully handcrafted. As a result, AX2 Studio states that it is not as playable and exquisite as a mass production item. What it means is that the joints are quite loose and this figure cannot really hold poses well. But being an exclusive and limited item, I guess people won't really complain.

Having already shown the box and its contents in the previous post, this second-part review of AX2 1/6 scale Taketa High Furyo Yuske 12-inch figure shows him with his mask and the two swords he comes with. Other 1/6 scale items included with this exclusive but not shown in this post are the cross shoulder brown leather sling bag, hand carry black leather bag and additional palm / hand.

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Close-up pictures of "Saru" (monkey in Japanese) mask that comes with this AX2 2014 Thailand Toy Expo Exclusive 1/6 scale Taketa High Furyo Yuske 12-inch figure

More turnaround views of AX2 Taketa High Furyo Yuske 12-inch figure with Saru / monkey mask

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