Friday, May 16, 2014

Preview Brother Production "Take 2" Custom Hand-Made 1:6 Action Figure (Bryan Mills?)

"Taken 2" is a 2012 English language French action thriller film and sequel directed by Olivier Megaton which stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, a retired CIA operative who along with his wife are taken hostage in Istanbul by the father of a kidnapper Mills had killed while rescuing his daughter who was kidnapped while on a trip to Paris (which happened in "Taken", released in 2008). Numerous media outlets have cited the 2008 film as a turning point in Neeson's career that redefined and transformed him to an action film star.

Brother Production Presents "Take 2" Custom 1:6 scale Hand Made Action Figure will come with 2 1/6 scale head sculpts (Normal Version and Battle Damaged version with Bloody Effect), 12-inch Base Body, Black Leather-Like Jacket, Dark Green long sleeve Shirt, Grey Long Sleeve Tee, Dark Grey Pants, Black Belt, Black Boots with Damage Effect, Pistol (Made of ABS), AKM Machine Gun (Made of ABS), Cell Phone (Made of Resin), Normal Hands.

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