Monday, May 26, 2014

Pre-order Pangaea PG01 1/6 scale Greek General 12-inch figure aka Brad Pitt Achilles

Troy is a 2004 British-Maltese epic war film written by David Benioff and directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It is based on Homer's Iliad which revolves from the beginning and to the end of the 10 year Trojan War. Achilles leading his Myrmidons along with the rest of the Greek army invading the historical city of Troy, lead by Hector's Trojan army. The ending of the film (the sacking of Troy) is not taken from the Iliad as the ending of the Iliad was based on Hector's death and funeral burial.

The film features an ensemble cast that includes Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger, Saffron Burrows, Sean Bean, Brian Cox, Brendan Gleeson, Rose Byrne, Vincent Regan, Garrett Hedlund, Tyler Mane, and Peter O'Toole. Brad Pitt plays Achilles, son of Peleus and Thetis, cousin of Patroclus, and leader of the Myrmidons.

This is the Pangaea PG01 1/6 scale Greek General 12-inch figure which is most likely inspired by the character played by Brad Pitt as Achilles, leader of the Myrmidons from the 2004 British-Maltese epic war film "Troy".

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Brad Pitt's complete Achilles costume created for Troy consisted of leather and metal muscle cuirass with metalized, vacuum-formed breastplates, back plates and actual copper panel ornamentation. Stamped-leather midriff and belted, integral pteryges apron with brass ornaments and leather ties on the sides. Leather undergarment with lace up front. Pleated leather lace up skirt. Leather and metal lace up arm gauntlets and leg greaves. Custom made soft leather high top boots, marked 44A inside both boots, with laces. Includes matching vacuum-formed helmet with horse hair bristle.

In Greek mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War and the central character and greatest warrior of Homer's Iliad. Achilles was said to be a demigod; his mother was the nymph Thetis, and his father, Peleus, was the king of the Myrmidons. Achilles’ most notable feat during the Trojan War was the slaying of the Trojan hero Hector outside the gates of Troy. Although the death of Achilles is not presented in the Iliad, other sources concur that he was killed near the end of the Trojan War by Paris, who shot him in the heel with an arrow.

Later legends (beginning with a poem by Statius in the 1st century AD) state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. Because of his death from a small wound in the heel, the term Achilles' heel has come to mean a person's point of weakness.

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You can pre-order this Pangaea PG01 1/6 scale Greek General 12-inch figure aka Achilles, leader of the Myrmidons at TFH (link HERE)


Anonymous said...

I heard the sword and spear don't fit in his hand very well, is this true?

alex teo said...

As these are just prototype pictures released by the manufacturer and not in-hand pictures of the actual product, it is hard to comment. Will have to wait till the figure is released to know for sure.

humanbeingill said...

Are those HIKING BOOTS on his feet?!