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Comparison pictures of Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex Hermes 12-inch action figures

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So far two 1/6 scale God Complex Hermes 12-inch figures have been released by Foxbox Studio and they are both extremely limited in numbers and hard to come by. The first hermes figure was also the first Foxbox Studio figure and since that figure's release, they have been on a roll and released quite a number of God Complex figures with more on the way. The God Complex line has struck a chord with many collectors and gathered quite a lot of fans to the story and styling. The designs are very unique and refreshing and offers collectors a different perspective from the usual military lines and movie related merchandise products / figures.

The second Hermes figure aka Black Hermes was released recently at the 2014 Thailand Toy Expo (which was held from May 1-4 @ Central World, Bangkok) as an event exclusive limited to only 20 pieces, and priced at 8500 Thai Baht, available via Raffle only.

So how do these two Hermes figures fare? Let's put these two Foxbox Studio God Complex Hermes figures side-by-side for a one-to-one comparison and see how different the second figure differs from the first. The latest released figure, Black Hermes Psychoprompus, is as the name suggests, very much black in color whereas the first released Hermes figure is predominantly gray / silver with a tinge of white.

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The first released Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex Hermes 12-inch action figure (shown on the left in the pictures posted) looks more bird-like with the long neck compared to the more recently produced black version. Because of the extended neck, it makes him taller than the average joe / 12-inch figure, in this case, Black Hermes.

Check out the turnaround views of both God Complex Hermes figures. The latest Hermes seems to have more armor, especially on his back. It looks like it can aid him in flight.

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