Friday, November 1, 2013

Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Heroine: Black Fox in Fire 12-inch Female Action Figure Preview

From a god of foxes (see previous post) to a foxy lady ;p

This is an upcoming release by Phicen Limited: it's their 1/6 scale Heroine Black Fox in Fire 12-inch Female Action Figure. Gotta admit, the female head sculpts are getting better with each new release. We don't call them dolls because (A) they are not wearing dresses, (B) they carry guns and (C) they look like they can kick a$$ but you have to pardon their sense of dressing. It's just Phicen's way of showing off their seamless female body that has no visible joint lines. One can't do that if the figure is fully clothed e.g. Hot Toys Selina Kyle Catwoman and The Avengers Black Widow 12-inch female figures - they can show off their curves even though they are fully covered - now that's SEXY! You can see the pictures HERE.

Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Heroine: Black Fox in Fire 12-inch Female Action Figure will come with the following Outfit and Accessories: Seamless body in large bust size, 1/6 scale Head sculpt, Replaceable hands (4 pcs / 2 pairs), Siamese underwear, Siamese leather skirt, Necklace, Wrist protector, Back pocket, Clip package (3 pcs), Walkie-talkie set, Belt, Canister holder, Left-leg holster, Right-leg holster, High-heel boots, Dogleg knife, Interphone, Pistols, Pistol clips, Canister 12 pcs, Modular plug shotgun, Submachine gun. Scroll down to see the pictures.


Rashpal said...

She carries guns?? Sorry, I must have been distracted by the ample cleavage! : P

alex teo said...

hahaha yup! you could say she's packing a full rack LOL

Dave said...

Where can we buy the clothing & accessories without the figure?

alex teo said...

I'm not quite sure, Dave as I usually get my figures boxed. Perhaps you can try eBay as some sellers actually part out the figure to sell the bits