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More Captain Action 1/6th scale Marvel Comics Classic Red and Gold Iron Man 12" Action Figure

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This is the Round 2 Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Superhero Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action in a flying pose or power pose ;p For only US$19.99, this Iron Man 12-inch figure certainly impresses, especially if you grew up with Iron Man from the Marvel comic books like me. The Captain Action 1/6 scale costume set for Iron Man comes with: cloth Iron Man costume, Iron Man helmet and face plate (made of hard plastic), front and back armor (made of hard plastic), boots, belt (with energy pods), gloves and bonus Hawkeye arm and wrist bands (made of rubber).

This Captain Action Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Superhero Costume and Equipment set for 12-inch figures certainly has more parts than Wolverine (seen earlier HERE) and makes for a FUN toy action figure, much like the Mego figures of yesteryear (last century) and the more recent Famous Covers Iron Man (posted HERE). The costume set does not come with a figure but since it is made for 12-inch figures, it isn't too difficult to find a figure to put the Iron Man costume on. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures of this Marvel Comics Classic Red and Gold Iron Man 12-inch Action Figure in a "power pose" haha

The original Captain Action was an action figure created in 1966, equipped with a wardrobe of costumes allowing him to become Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Aquaman, the Phantom, The Lone Ranger (and Tonto), Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Sgt. Fury, Steve Canyon, and the Green Hornet. Captain Action was the Ideal Toy Company's answer to Hasbro's G.I. Joe—although the protagonist dolls of both toy lines were created and designed by the same toy-and-idea man, Stan Weston. (source: wiki)

Though Captain Action was produced for only two and a half years, the characters and accessories have become amongst the most fondly remembered, and expensive to obtain on the collector's market, action figures of the era. After 30 years off the market, Captain Action was revived in 1998, by retro toy company Playing Mantis.

In addition to Captain Action and Dr. Evil (pictures HERE), costumes released boxed with Captain Action figure were The Lone Ranger (in red and black outfit), Tonto (posted HERE), Flash Gordon, his never-before-made nemesis Ming the Merciless (with a new flesh-tone Dr. Evil figure) - check out the post of both of them HERE, The Green Hornet (pictures HERE), and his never-before-made sidekick Kato (reviewed HERE. Both are also pictured HERE with new revised / improved looks HERE). The line met with lackluster sales, and carded costumes-only were issued separately: Green Hornet, Kato, Lone Ranger (in blue outfit), Tonto, The Phantom (posted HERE), and his never-before-made enemy Kabai Singh (pictures HERE). Also revived was Action Boy (now called Kid Action - pictures HERE, due to Hasbro owning the rights to the name Action Man) and retro long box packaging for Captain Action and Dr. Evil. Unfortunately, the second coming of Captain Action ended in 2000.

Since 2005 Captain Action Enterprises holds the licensing rights and has been producing an array of new merchandize, including statues, toys, comics, trading cards, collectibles and apparel. In March 2011, Round 2 Corp. and Captain Action Enterprises announced plans for a redesigned 1/6 scale Captain Action figure.

The boots have etchings for the jets that propel Iron Man in flight

And with the newly redesigned Captain Action 12-inch figure came the 1/6 scale costume sets. There's the Captain Action Spider Man Deluxe Uniform Set (posted in my toy blog HERE and HERE), Captain Action Captain America Deluxe Uniform Set (reviewed HERE, HERE and HERE), Captain Action Thor Deluxe Uniform Set, Captain Action Loki Deluxe Uniform Set (Thor and Loki briefly covered HERE), Captain Action Wolverine Basic Uniform Set (see my review HERE) and Captain Action Iron Man Basic Uniform Set (reviewed previously HERE and in this post as well). All six costume sets contain parts of the Captain Action Hawkeye costume set and once completed, you can assemble the avenger for the seventh figure

Plans are also on the way for more 1/6 scale Captain Action superhero costume sets including Superman, Brainiac, Batman and the Joker. You can check out the Captain Action facebook page HERE. Exciting news indeed!

For now, let's just appreciate what we have - which is this nicely done Captain Action 1/6th scale Marvel Comics Classic Red and Gold Iron Man costume set.

Although the left hand of this Captain Action Iron Man is set in the permanent pose of firing his repulsors, I wouldn't want it any other way :)

It makes for some nice dramatic poses

Love this particular angle - the view from below (looking up) shot

You can order the Round 2 Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Superhero Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action from the following sites:
Big Bad Toy Store can be found HERE
Cotswold Collectibles Captain Action page HERE
Midtown Comics - check out their site HERE

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