Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rare Hasbro GI Joe Classic Collection 12" Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan Figure US$11,999.99

Produced in 1999, this rare Hasbro 12" Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan GI Joe was pulled from production after Dreamworks decided that a for sale collectible was not in tune with the seriousness of their movie Saving Private Ryan. About a dozen Tom Hanks GI Joe Prototypes In Boxes were sent to Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks. Only a couple hundred more were handed out as a special gift during a private screening of Saving Private Ryan to guests in 1999. That's it. All others were destroyed. This Tom Hanks GI Joe was never available retail. Item comes with Hasbro Original Certificate of Authenticity.

This Rare Hasbro GI Joe Classic Collection 12" Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan Figure is now going for US$11,999.99 on ebay right now! You can check on the link HERE

I think that's a crazy price to ask for a rather modern G.I. Joe figure. I actually have this figure which I bought years ago from the flea market as a loose naked figure. I then dressed him up with the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Limited Edition Second World War Normandy Ranger uniform and accessories. You can check out my toy blog post titled "G.I. Joe Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks Figure" HERE. I only don't have the box. So does that make me US$11,999 richer? Haha

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures. Click on them for bigger and better views.

The inside flap has a short description of D-Day, June 6th, 1944.

Here's a peek at the figure in the box. G.I. Joe figures were made for children to play with, hence the plastic molded weapons and accessories. The uniforms were not historically accurate but close enough for a child to recognize and accept. In this day and age, 1/6 scale companies and manufacturers other than Hasbro have been producing and releasing 12-inch military figures that have all the intricate details and accurately produced uniforms and weapons plus gear and accessories that make the figures look historically correct and are good enough to be displayed in a museum as replicas of the real thing.

Check out the DID WWII US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion - Normandy June 6, 1944 1/6 scale Captain "Millers" collectible figure which was reviewed HERE, HERE and HERE for a much better looking and highly accurate Tom Hanks as seen in Saving Private Ryan

You can see the poorer standard and low quality of the Hasbro G.I. Joe accessories from the picture below. These were made as toy for children to play with. How can this be worth US$11,999.99? Most serious adult military collectors won't even go near a G.I. Joe figure, let alone pay so much for these.

Saving Private Ryan was a GREAT World War II movie and one of those MUST see films for everyone, military and non-military buffs and this figure is fine as a keepsake but to ask for US$11,999.99 is outrageous.

So what if it has a certificate of authenticity? That makes it okay to ask for US$11,999.99? No one should be stupid enough to cough out that kind of moolah for this kind of collectible.

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Anonymous said...

US$11,999.99 ????? WTF!!!!!

jason from Cali said...

I love Tom Hanks but he's not even worth that! lol!

Unknown said...

Not all of the dolls were destroyed. There were an additional 12 dolls handed out to employees who working on the production of the dolls. I have one of those dolls, and looking to sell.

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these off ebay for $ 214 in 2008. I sold it in 2009 on a whim for $ 1,999.00. I never regretted selling it, I bought way cooler stuff with the money. I have never seen one sell for what I sold mine for. The more normal price I have seen for 3 others that sold was $600-$700. it is my understanding that there are 50 or less of these produced, until someone finds a pallet of them in Hong Kong

alex teo said...

You got yourself a pretty sweet deal there :) That was indeed a fine investment haha Thanks for sharing your side of the story. At least now we all know how much these can really go for. Cheers!