Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tony Stark is Iron Man even when he is without his armor, wearing MC Toys Men's Iron Fan set

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This is the previously reviewed MC Toys F-027 Men's Iron Fan set OR Iron Man fan fashion wear for 12-inch figures with one wardrobe change: I switched the blue skintight jeans that came with this set for a pair of beige pants which are looser. I also added Iron Man's armor hands for that little bit of extra touch :) I like this a lot better now.

For those seeing this for the first time, MC Toys F-027 Men's Iron Fan set comes with Men's varsity jacket (with an embroidered Iron Man helmet / head on the left chest, red short sleeve t-shirt with iron man face plate right in the centre, jeans and leather boots. The 1/6 scale jeans is a little tight and I didn't like it and how it looks on 12-inch Tony Stark so I decided to switch to a looser pair of pants. I also felt that beige would go better with the whole look of the outfit since he also has a pair of khaki leather boots. The armor hands is a nice complement to the entire wardrobe. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures ;p

The varsity jacket had an "I" on the left sleeve which makes this a true Iron Man fan clothing set.

Too bad they don't sell these jackets in 1:1 scale. It might actually do well.

The 1/6 scale jacket also has "Iron Man" on the back

Ready to fire Repulsor rays

No one messes with Tony Stark / Iron Man

Close-up pictures of 12-inch Tony Stark wearing MC Toys F-027 Men's Iron Fan set minus the blue jeans which are replaced by a pair of beige pants. Armor hands NOT included with the set.

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