Monday, November 25, 2013

Updated pictures of Kotobukiya DC Comics Supergirl New 52 ARTFX+ 7.5-inch tall Statue

These are Production Updates of Kotobukiya Supergirl New 52 ARTFX+ Statue (4 photos) - With a newly refined body sculpt Supergirl is looking better than ever!

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Kotobukiya’s line of DC Comics “New 52” ARTFX+ Statues continues after the mighty Shazam and Black Adam with one of the most popular female characters in all of comics, Supergirl! Another Kryptonian crash landed on Earth, Kara Zor-El wakes up in Siberia not realizing that she’s on a different planet or that her homeworld has been destroyed. Initially distrustful of humanity and of her cousin Kal-El, Supergirl nevertheless learned to embrace her new home and its residents, becoming a hero and using her incredible Kryptonian abilities against Worldkillers, Black Banshee, and more!

A youthful and innocent heroine, Supergirl is constantly learning about the new world around her as well as her own new powers under the Earth’s yellow sun. In this fantastic new presentation she’s ready to take on anyone who tries to control her, standing proud and defiant in the face of any danger! Her strength is matched with her femininity as she poses with one leg slightly bent at the knee and one hand at her waist while the other is balled into a fist and held at the ready. Turned slightly, Supergirl regards you with all the focus of her attention, her perfectly sculpted face framed by her beautiful blonde hair. The Kryptonian’s distinctive New 52 costume is recreated with extreme attention to detail and includes the unique thigh high boots with exposed knees, half-body suit in gleaming metallic colors, and calf-length cape. The statue’s paint highlights all of the great details with bright, vivid colors exemplified by the “S” shield on her chest.

Supergirl stands just over 7.5 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale) atop her included display base with magnets in her feet for added stability. The powerful young hero looks great displayed all by herself, and she’s a perfect addition to the previous New 52 Justice League series!

What was wrong with the earlier previewed Kotobukiya Supergirl New 52 ARTFX+ Statue?

The design of the costume and body sculpt made her look like she had a tummy and worse, appear pregnant. There was a lot of negative feedback on facebook so Kotobukiya went back to the drawing board and redesigned and refined the body sculpt.

Does she look better now? Sure but I'm not really a big fan of the new costume. I just don't understand the triangular patch at her crotch region. Looks like a maxi pad :(

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