Thursday, December 26, 2013

Check out Ace Toyz preview of their 1/6 scale Black CEO 12-inch figure - Morgan Freeman?

Finally, a really decent and complete 1/6 scale Morgan Freeman 12-inch figure. There have been quite a few 1/6 scale Morgan Freeman head sculpts floating around in the market and you will have to hunt down a 12-inch figure body and the appropriate outfit to kitbash a Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox 12-inch figure to be a part of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight figure collection.

Ace Toyz (another new company?) has previewed what looks like a very complete 1/6 scale Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox 12-inch figure and is calling it "Black CEO". It looks set to be released in 2014 and the figure seems to have everything together with suit, tie, scarf, greatcoat, hat and cane. The 1/6 scale Morgan Freeman head sculpt is pretty spot on and the likeness is uncanny. Looks like a pretty top notch job. Now we wait for the price reveal and see how far the final product defers from the prototype. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.


AG Lanc said...

Great post! I also enjoyed your review of DAMTOYS Navy Seal Demetrius "SilK" Owens. I emailed the company on how to purchase him but have yet to receive a response from the company.

alex teo said...

Hi AG Lanc, you can try TFH (they do ship overseas)

Silk is not out for preorder yet though as those were just teaser pics


D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for this preview, @lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore! I've used the Blog this button because I know at least 1 of my readers is a Morgan Freeman fan.

alex teo said...

U R most welcome D7ana :) I'm a Morgan Freeman fan myself. love his work. Cheers