Saturday, December 21, 2013

Preview: Asmus Toys "The Lord of the Rings" 1/6th scale Gandalf the White 12-inch figure

Gandalf is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He appears as a wizard, member and later the head (after Saruman's betrayal and fall) of the order known as the Istari, as well as leader of the Fellowship of the Ring and the army of the West. In The Lord of the Rings, he is initially known as Gandalf the Grey, but returns from death as Gandalf the White. (source: wiki)

Asmus Toys Lord of the Rings 1/6 scale Gandalf the white Sixth Scale Figure features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of actor Ian McKellen as Gandalf the white head sculpt from "The Return of the King", Asmus Toys KP01A+ male 12-inch figure body (Approximately 30 cm tall with Over 36 points of articulation), One pair of relaxed posture hand, One pair of weapon holding hand, One pair of random posture hand, One Orc head (can be equipped on regular 12” body)

Special features on Clothing: One white cape, One pair of long sleeved undervest, One pair of long underpants, One special patterned movie realistic vest, One pair of special skirt, One belt plus sheath holder, One pair of boots

Click on the pictures for bigger and better views :)

Special features in weapons: One sword - Glamdring, One sword sheath, One Gandalf the white’s wizard staff

Accessories: One inter-active custom base, One Asmus Toys figure stand

Pre-order this Asmus Toys "The Lord of the Rings" 1/6th scale Gandalf the White 12-inch figure from BBTS (BigBadToyStore) HERE

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Ms. Leo said...

WOW! This looks great! I really like that you get the hands too. The costume is excellent. What is the cost?

alex teo said...

These are just the teaser pictures :P haven't got the pricing yet