Monday, December 2, 2013

Coming Soon: Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stands for 1:6th scale / 12-inch tall action figures

This just in: Hot Toys new Dynamic Figure Stand is specially designed for 1/6th scale collectible figures. It features a velvet covered base and includes a double sided patterned paper cover for your choice of scenario. The flexible pillar is especially ideal for showcasing figures in mid-air / flying poses.

So begs the question: Is a figure as good as it looks posed? In other words, does looking good in poses add value to a figure or not? Because if a figure looks good in the box and stays in the box, then why the need for figure display stands? Even better, why but extra figure stands? Why not include them with the figure? Hot Toys is going to sell these Dynamic Figure Stands as a means to enhance the pose-ability of 12-inch figures and increase their dynamic poses. Great for collectors who take the figures out of the box to display them but doesn't mean anything for those who prefer to keep the figures inside the box. Therein lies the other conundrum - to open the toy or to keep it inside its plastic prison?

I has touched on the topic: "To open or NOT to open the toy" in my earlier toy blog post titled: Hot Toy Collecting Tip #1: Remove ALL Batteries! posted HERE

As for figure display stands, I much prefer the clear figure display stands as opposed to the black ones because the clear ones give the impression / illusion of height. See my toy blog post HERE on the different type of stands available

Regarding dynamic poses, I have also covered quite a bit on the subject HERE and HERE. See the links inside the posts for more examples :)

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