Thursday, December 12, 2013

Preview OE (Original Effect): 1/6 scale Army Attractive Vol.9 - Viola 2.0 Female Action Figure

This will be OE (Original Effect) 1/6 scale Army Attractive Vol.9 female figure: Viola 2.0. This Viola version 2.0 is missing the "come hither" look of the first version which I dig a lot :p The version 1 head sculpt was one of the reasons I pre-ordered the Original Effect (OE) Army Attractive series 1/6 Viola female action figure. Little did I know that she was not 12-inch tall but taller, closer to 13.5 inches which puts her in a different league from the other 12-inch figures. You can check out the reviews of OE Army Attractive Vol.1 version 1 Viola figure posted on my toy blog HERE and HERE

OE (Original Effect): 1/6 scale Army Attractive Vol.9 - Viola 2.0 Female Figure will come with the following Item list: Reborn Body, Viola 2.0 Head sculpt, Naxi female uniform Outfit, MG42 Naxi Version, 80-page Army Attractive Comic book. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures

I think I still like the first version Viola better (much prefer the head sculpt, uniform and accessories) except for the crappy body which is shite

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