Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Preview Toys City 1/6 scale "Dark at the Week-end" Vulcan post-apocalyptic 12" action figure

This is Toys City upcoming "The First Set of Dark Weekend 1/6 scale Vulcan 12-inch figure" and it seems to be following the footsteps of ThreeA (3A). This Toys City 1/6 scale "Dark at the Weekend" Vulcan 12-inch figure is very similar to ThreeA (3A) figures in terms of styling (specifically the Tomorrow Kings or TKs - with the capri pants, hockey gloves and animated / stylized head sculpt). As such, I've labelled this figure as "3A" because it's 3A inspired ;p

Toys City 1/6 scale "Dark at the Week-end" Vulcan post-apocalyptic 12-inch action figure will come with 1/6 scale VULCAN Head sculpt, alternative Head with Red Mask and Hat (Hat is not removable), Toys City's New 12-inch Figure Body, Flamethrower with Fuel Tank, T-shirt, Overalls, Belt, Gloves, Double Magazine pouch, Leg Bag (drop-down pouch), Boots and Teddy Bear

I really like what Dam Toys are doing with their stylized Gangsters Kingdom figures (I've already collected all three Spade figures and will definitely pre-order any new ones that they are releasing). Toys City is obviously trying to get into this particular genre as well with this figure. It certainly offers an alternative to all the military 12-inch figures and movie-related figures we have been seeing. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

He looks really set for a fire with those "cool" Capri pants coveralls. And he's got the edgy sideways cap, very street wise! Too bad the cap is NOT removable :(

The alternative Head with Red Mask and Hat looks more like a fire hydrant from this picture

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bighatdino said...

Loving those headsculpts!!

alex teo said...

Great alternative to what we have been seeing :)

Kaido said...

WWR style gas mask... Tomorrow King pants and gloves and trendy t-shirt... weathered weapons... It's a bit too much like 3A for my liking...

Alex you have collected your Spade 3 already? Pics & review pretty please!! :-)

alex teo said...

Hi Kaido
Spade3 already at the shop. Picking up real soon. Review & pics to follow haha