Saturday, April 5, 2014

Check out DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 3 figure: Machete / Danny Trejo?

Chapter 4: Butcher Knife

The 3 of diamonds, Juarez, is born in Mexico. He was the boss of the Scorpion family, before one man, “the mad dog” betrayed him and sent him behind bars. He got out of prison with the help of a little cash, but all the gang members loyal to him were already eliminated by the mad dog. Juarez no longer had his prestige, and when his own gang started hunting him, he chose to fight back. Juarez returned to the gang with eleven knives in his coat, left behind a bloodbath and mad dog hanging by his own intestines. This incident caused an earthquake in the underworld of Mexico, eventually several gangs joined together wanting Juarez dead, left him no choice but smuggling into the United States. He joined the Diamond family, the K of Diamonds showed him enough appreciation, but only gave him a card of 3. This was good enough for the poor desperate Juarez. but he has not received any respect ever since. The 2 of Diamonds saw this opportunity; By his extraordinary fighting skill, he soon earned Juarez’s obedience. 2 got the loyalty of Juarez, as well as Juarez’s flying knife skill.

DAM TOYS 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom - Diamond 3 (GK006#) 12-inch figure will come with 1/6 scale Head sculpt (with stylized Danny Trejo likeness), 12-inch Action body, Tan imitated fur coats, Long sleeve black v-neck t-shirt, Black leather pants, Black motorcycle tank top, Knife set up on the shoulders, Straight knife x 2, machete(On the left) + The knife set + Two knives, machete(On the right) + The knife set + Two knives, Silver fly knife x 3, black belt, High barrels of cowboy boots, left hand wrist bands, right hand wrist support, Palm / hands x 3, necklace

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The cobra and scorpion tattoos on Diamond 3’s hands, representing his cruelty and mercilessness.

“Point of no return“ stitched on the back of his motorbike leather jacket

There's going to be a Hidden Diamond 3 Version. According to DAM Toys, "We make Hidden Diamond 3 Version for players especially. A little bit different from the normal version which within Limited Edition certificate and Serial numbering. Total quantity of Hidden Version will be 100 pcs. All of them are random packed."

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humanbeingill said...

Love the rooted hair,Hot Toys souls have done this on their Winter Soldier figure. The molded hair on that looks not that great for something WELL over $200.

Kaido said...

Freakin' love this line... tears of joy, oh yes!

Thanks for posting this news, Alex!

alex teo said...

U R most welcome Kaido :)

Anonymous said...

Hot toys could learn from all these smaller companies hot toys needs to take us in another direction,they just to predictable and to expensive im glad these other companies keep me gusseing

Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of these stylized head sculpts but that rooted hair and bad ass jacket made me pre-order from Big Bad.

I don't get how this figure is %145 and completely outfitted and Hot Toys charges over $200+ for the same amount of accessories.

alex teo said...

Guess it all comes down to licensing costs and greediness on the part of the manufacturer.

Kaido said...

Licensing costs, plus they have to get the look as close to right as possible - and they have to profit as well. It's not a cheap hobby!