Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pre-order Asmus Toys LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth 1/6 scale Ringwraith and Nazgul Steed

Having previewed the ACI AM001 The Lord of the Rings 1/6 scale Ringwraith 12-inch collectible action figure earlier HERE, Asmus Toys too have decided to release their 1/6 scale versions of the Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle Earth 1/6 Ringwraith and Nazgul Steed.

Asmus Toys is proud to present the grand plan for the Lord of the Ring's 1/6 collectible action figure project. Heroes of the Middle-Earth will be the premier line of important characters. Presented by well know heroes such as Arragorn, Gandulf...etc, who will be built in top quality head sculpt, realistically accurate clothing, and mixed media accessories. Each hero will have its own custom base, and together they will be puzzled into a huge battle field diorama. Also, heroes don’t necessarily have to be the good guys.

Not when bad guys are so much cooler ;p

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Asmus Toys Heroes of Middle-Earth - The Ringwraith sixth scale figure features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Nazgul from The Return of the King, Kaustic Plastik KP01A+ male body, Approximately 30 cm tall with Over 36 points of articulation.

Armor: 1 pair of shoulder plates, 1 pair of bicep armor, 1 pair of forearmed armor, 1 pair of thigh armor, 1 pair of calf armor, 1 pair of feet armor, 1 pair of articulated feet, 1 pair of fist in armor, 1 pair of relaxed posture hand in armor, 1 pair of weapon holding hand in armor

Clothing: 1 black hood, 1 black robe with weathering effects, 1 black inner garment with weathering effects, 1 belt plus sheath holder, 1 pair of long sleeved undervest, 1 pair of long underpants

Weapons: 1 Witchking sword, 1 sword sheath, 1 Morgul blade. Accessories: 1 Asmus Toys figure stand

The Nazgul Steed Sixth Scale Figure features: Switch controlled light up LED eyes, Pile coating fur texture imitation, Chaotic Nazgul steed head sculpt, Nazgul steed reins gears, Custom diorama base. Specifications: 15 movable articulations, Real implanted hair and tail

You can pre-order the Asmus Toys Lord of the Ring Heroes of Middle Earth 1/6 scale Ringwraith and Nazgul Steed set from TFH HERE

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I may have to buy this just to find out what's under that hood...