Friday, April 25, 2014

ZCWO 1/6 NYPD New York Police Department Police Officer "Murphy" version 2.0 (Fat version)

There are more variations of 12-inch figure body types than ever before. These latest preview / prototype pictures of ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale NYPD New York Police Department Police Officer "Murphy" version 2.0 shows a figure that has munched one too many donuts. This is not the first fat figure to be produced. There have been quite a few fat figures released recently and take-up rate wasn't that great because not many collectors want to own a FAT figure unless he's somebody from Hollywood and rather famous, and has featured prominently in a superhero movie. We are all still waiting for a 1/6 scale Danny DeVito Penguin from "Batman Returns (1992)".

ZCWO 1/6 NYPD New York Police Department Police Officer "Murphy" version 2.0 (Fat version) includes 1/6 scale head sculpt, ZCWO male body (specific body type - FAT), eight pieces fat hands (four pairs), NYPD Police octagonal hat (cloth), NYPD police uniform shirt (with police plated chapter badge), NYPD police uniform pants with leather belt, black long-sleeved sweater, black socks, black shoes (with feet), police reflective vest, 4 cloth stickers, Blue / White megaphone (bullhorn or loud hailer), Police duty / equipment belt (made of leather, metal buckle) with pepper spray, pistol, left-hand pistol holster, baton, handcuffs, handcuff case, keys, Flashlight, walkie-talkie radio, double pistol magazine pouch, watch, clip board and pens, White plasti-cuffs / double cuffs x 5, black thigh equipment bag, figure display stand.

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D7ana said...

Cool! Nice to see body type variation. Do you know if this figure will have the fat suit similar to Sideshow's OddJob?

Thanks for sharing this information and these photos!

alex teo said...

Hi D7ana, I'm afraid I have no clue what the body looks like under the uniform although I think it makes more sense to produce fat suits that go on regular bodies but I have no confirmation on this.