Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chick Alert! Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13-inch female figure

Next up in Original Effect (OE) Killer Instinct series will be 1/6 scale Righter 13-inch tall female figure. I'm beginning to like this line, more than OE's Army Attractive series. Having already gotten Original Effect's first released Killer Instinct Sam female figure - see my reviews HERE, HERE and HERE, with comparison pictures HERE - this soon-to-be-released second Killer Instinct figure has also gotten my attention as well. I think it's because she's got that anime / manga vibe about her. Love the outfit :)

Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13-inch female figure will come with the following Items Listed: 1/6 scale Righter‘s head, 13-inch Reborn body, Corset, Dovetail collar, Armed belt, Chemical protective jacket, Uniform cloak, Anti-explosion T-sticks x 2, High boots, Hands with gloves.

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OE Killer Instinct Righter wears a gray, black and red sleeveless romper with a really futuristic gray, black and red "leather" jacket, black and red knee high boot-feet, and a gray and red cape / shawl. On her hips is a red harness system that holsters two Tonfas / T-Batons. This set has a real Sci-Fi vibe to it - like Captain Harlock meets Aeon Flux...

The OE body is generally the same size from the hips up as any other female body type - Triad, Cy Girl, FGC, HT etc - The legs are what make these OE bodies taller so the boots etc won't fit. So any female clothing hip up works just fine ;p


Kaido said...

I agree with you, Alex, this line does look much better than OE line.

So, off topic, when will you be doing your Ryder Watson review? :D

alex teo said...

Sorry Kaido, so many figures, so little time haha Ryder Watson is on the review list