Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conan the Destroyer? Kaustic Plastik XXL Project set 1: 1/6 The Fantasy Warrior outfit set

Conan the Destroyer is a 1984 American sword and sorcery / adventure film directed by Richard Fleischer, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mako Iwamatsu reprising their roles as Conan and Akiro the wizard, respectively.

Kaustic Plastik presents their XXL Project, XXL Custom kit for XXL Heroes! XXL Project Set 1 will be produced in a VERY LIMITED Edition (500 pieces worldwide). They designed this set to fit Large Muscular Body, like KP02 or KP03 or other similar big body from other companies.

According to Kaustic Plastik, this set is perfect for any kind of custom figure linked to Typical iconography of the fantasy film / books genre. This set will include: New Long hair Head sculpt, Die Cast Sword (Long 16.5 cm), Leather Shirt, Leather Armor, Fur Skirt, Fur Scabbard, Pants, Boots (Leather and fur), Two Leather wristbands, Small Leather Bag. Note: 12-inch Figure is NOT included!

The Weapon is made with the highest Metal technology available today

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Unknown said...

Sweet looking figure but the head kind of reminds me of a young Christopher Lambert. I think after all those Hot Toys Arnold figures it's going to be almost impossible to top their likeness of Schwarzenegger.

alex teo said...

Hot Toys is way up there in terms of realistic sculpts and a lot of companies are still trying to catch up. Guess that's why they dare to charge such high prices for their products.

Anonymous said...

The headsculpt it's a fusion between Lambert and Kurt Russel.

Gary Much said...

I really think the sword is too flat, it doesn't have any kind of roundness on guard and the pommel...
that's really disappointing because it looks like they tried to get the details correctly, but it just looks like the sword was flatten down.
also all the details on the guard are lost.
it looks quite good for as something done by a hobbyist, but not at all something professional

Unknown said...

Where can I get this head sculpt

alex teo said...

Maybe you can try e-bay as most places don't have the stock anymore. This post is from 2014 (4 years ago)