Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Preview Storm Collectibles “The Heavyweight Special Edition” 1/6 scale MIKE TYSON figure

Storm Collectibles is exhibiting at the Toysoul in Hong Kong on December 19-21, 2014. At Toysoul, Storm is very honored to very first time showcasing the legend and former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, MIKE TYSON official licensed 1/6th Collectible Figure. Prototype is showing (Finished product will have the tattoo on the left arm). “The Heavyweight Special Edition” Exclusively Preordering at Toysoul (Limited 300 pcs).

“The Heavyweight Special Edition” includes: Boxing gloves (at the match), Boxing shoes (at the match), Protective headgear (training), Hook & loop protector (training), Speed Bag Platform (training). This Special Edition training & boxing gears are hand-made with leather-like and printed with official licensed Everlast logo with extreme likeness. Also, the Speed Bag Platform and the Flooring is made with 100% wood. Bringing back Mike Tyson training scene alive! Each set of the Special Edition has its own serial number (Limited 300 pcs). Product Launch Date: Q3 2015

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Ms. Leo said...

WOW! He looks good! I would love to own him. Thanks for this post. Are they saying what the cost is?

Anonymous said...

Does it come with a chewed off ear?

alex teo said...

Because it's a licensed product, something that should have been around USD130 would probably end up being priced at USD300. Not value-for-money IMHO

alex teo said...

The chewed off ear would have been the icing on the cake haha

Unknown said...

Nice fugure