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Review 1: Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 Diamond 3 12-inch figure: Danny Trejo Machete?

This was part of my November 2014 haul (see my post HERE). This is the sixth Gangsters Kingdom figure that Dam Toys has released, if you don't count the exclusives which are the DAM Toys STGCC 2014 Gangsters Kingdom GK001EX Spade J 12-inch figure (with a limited run of 300 pieces) and the DAM Toys CICF 2014 Exclusive Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story - 1/6 scale Saxon 12-inch figure. There's the regular Spade J, 2, 3 and 4 followed by Diamond 2 and now Diamond 3.

For this first part review of the DAM TOYS (GK006) 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom - Diamond 3 "Juarez" 12-inch action figure alone, I've posted 31 pictures. I obviously took a lot more photos but have selected these 31 photos for review #1 which covers the box packaging and its contents, plus a bit more. Guess you can tell I really like this Gangsters Kingdom series by Dam Toys. What's there not to like? A refreshing change from the usual movie merchandising figures and military line of action figures. Movie-related products cost much more than the regular products due to it being an officially licensed product. The manufacturer pays for the license but obviously passes it down to we buyers / collectors. If the manufacturer manages to skirt the licensing issue, then at least we can be assured of a figure at a much lower price. That's why military figures cost less than movie or video game-related figures. There's no need to pay any government money to make figures based on that country's army or special forces. Although the price of military figures have also been rising steadily too.

All of Dam Toys Gangster Kingdom 12-inch figures have stylized head sculpts (and hands) which is one of the things that make this line unique but this is the first head sculpt from the line with rooted hair. Dam Toys is really trying everything to make things work! It's a very good move given that the particular character in question has long hair like a girl's. Makes you wonder if Hot Toys should have gone with rooted hair for their Winter Soldier figure (reviewed earlier in my toy blog HERE and HERE). Besides long hair, Diamond 3 "Juarez" also has a very long and interesting history / backstory. What's even more interesting is that he looks a lot like Danny Trejo's character Machete Cortez from the 2010 American action film "Machete".

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The box design is consistent with all the other boxes that have come before but the cover is no longer a part of the box but can be separated from the box, being held together via magnets. A backstory is printed on the card that also holds a 1:1 scale playing card with Diamond 3 on it.

Close-up picture of 3 of Diamonds card. Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom series is based on two feuding gangs (so far): The Spade gang vs The Diamond gang. Five Spade characters have been identified with four of them having been released thus far (Spade J, 2, 3 and 4) with Spade J being released more than once as a variant figure whilst two Diamond gang members have been identified and released.

Chapter 4: Butcher Knife
The 3 of diamonds, Juarez, is born in Mexico. He was the boss of the Scorpion family, before one man, “the mad dog” betrayed him and sent him behind bars. He got out of prison with the help of a little cash, but all the gang members loyal to him were already eliminated by the mad dog. Juarez no longer had his prestige, and when his own gang started hunting him, he chose to fight back. Juarez returned to the gang with eleven knives in his coat, left behind a bloodbath and mad dog hanging by his own intestines. This incident caused an earthquake in the underworld of Mexico, eventually several gangs joined together wanting Juarez dead, left him no choice but smuggling into the United States. He joined the Diamond family, the K of Diamonds showed him enough appreciation, but only gave him a card of 3. This was good enough for the poor desperate Juarez. but he has not received any respect ever since. The 2 of Diamonds saw this opportunity; By his extraordinary fighting skill, he soon earned Juarez’s obedience. 2 got the loyalty of Juarez, as well as Juarez’s flying knife skill.

DAM TOYS 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom - Diamond 3 (GK006#) "Juarez" 12-inch action figure comes with 1/6 scale Head sculpt (with stylized Danny Trejo as Machete likeness), 12-inch Action body, long brown coat, Long sleeve black v-neck t-shirt, Black leather pants, Black motorcycle vest, lots of knives, black belt with buckle, High barrel cowboy boots, left hand wrist bands, right hand wrist support, Palm / hands x 3, necklace

Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 3 "Juarez" 12-inch figure also comes with a comic book, the first to be included. The comic book art style is very much inspired by two great comic book artists: Mike Mignola and Frank Miller, and is quite well illustrated, albeit a bit violent. It's a story about gangs and someone who deals with knives so there's a lot of stabbing, cutting and killing.

Here are the 1/6 scale knives that Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 3 "Juarez" 12-inch figure carries. Two long machetes (seen in the front in the picture below) are included which were not shown or listed in the pre-order / preview pictures. Definitely nice additions to Diamond 3's arsenal. Two shorter Bowie machete knives are stored in a carrier which Diamond 3 "Juarez" wears on his chest, along with three throwing knives. He also has two Kukri knives which are stored in specially designed scabbards. Traditionally, the scabbard also holds two smaller blades: an unsharpened chakmak to burnish the blade, and another accessory blade called a karda. In this instance, four karda blades have been included.

Here's DAM TOYS (GK006#) 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom - Diamond 3 "Juarez" 12-inch action figure with 1/6 scale Head sculpt (bearing stylized Danny Trejo as Machete likeness), 12-inch Action body, wearing just the Long sleeve black v-neck t-shirt, necklace, Black leather pants, black belt with buckle, High barrel cowboy boots, left hand wrist band, right hand wrist support, and wielding the two kukri knives. Note the cobra and scorpion tattoos on his hands. Scroll down to see the turnaround views.

Here are close-up shots of the DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 3 "Juarez" Head sculpt with rooted long hair (bearing stylized Danny Trejo as Machete likeness) and wearing the necklace included with this set.

Close-up views of the cobra tattoo on left hand and kukri knives

Check out the high barrel cowboy boots. Nicely done :)

Scorpion tattoo on right hand

Very intricately designed and highly detailed 1/6 scale belt buckle

DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 3 "Juarez" 1/6 scale Black motorcycle vest with red flames rising. 

The details of the "Point of No Return" skull wearing Mexican hat (sombrero) motif / symbol on the back of the vest is really nice, a work of art by itself!

DAM TOYS 1/6 scale long brown coat which belongs to Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 3 "Juarez" 12-inch action figure 

NEXT: See how everything comes together for this DAM TOYS (GK006) 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom - Diamond 3 "Juarez" 12-inch action figure

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Kaido said...

That comic looks cool, very much like Frank Miller's Sin City. The art also reminds me of 100 Bullets.

I can't wait to get this figure, but it probably won't arrive until next year.

alex teo said...

That's a pretty long wait Kaido, but I think it'll be worth it. Cheers

Kaido said...

Thanks Alex. Meanwhile, I received Saxon (Ed Harris) today and I'm quite happy with this latest addition to my Gangster family.

alex teo said...

oooohhh..... that sounds interesting :) glad you managed to score him. I'm still waiting to get mine at the right price haha

Kaido said...

Saxon isn't too expensive, I don't know his original price tag, but seems you can get for $200 shipped on eBay - somewhat reasonable.