Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review of the Funko POP! Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

From my December 2014 haul (see my earlier post HERE): this is the Funko POP! Marvel "Guardians of the Galaxy" Dancing Groot Vinyl Bobble-head Action Figure. Funko POP! Marvel "Guardians of the Galaxy" Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax and Gamera figures were all planned together and released as a set earlier, hence the running numbers from 47 to 52. Dancing Groot seems to have been an afterthought (hence number 65) due to the overwhelming consumer demand upon the release of the film at the theaters with almost everyone falling in love with the dancing baby Groot in a scene grooving to the retro 70s music. What's there not to love, he's just too cute! It seems Funko POP! has timed Dancing Groot's release in time for Christmas :)

Groot first appeared in Tales to Astonish #13 (Nov. 1960), and was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Dick Ayers. An extraterrestrial, sentient tree-like creature, Groot originally appeared as an invader that intended to capture humans for experimentation. The character was reintroduced as a heroic, noble being in 2006, and appeared in the crossover comic book storyline "Annihilation: Conquest". Groot went on to star in its spin-off series, Guardians of the Galaxy, joining the team of the same name.

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The Funko POP! series of figures are all very cute to look at and being mostly of the standard size (except for some), they can be lined up or stacked in every which way and still look very neat and organized because of the uniform box packaging. I don't own a lot of Funko POP! figures even though I like them a lot due to space constraints. Besides this Dancing Groot, I have Batman and Robin (posted HERE) and StarCraft II Jim Raynor Marine Suit Pop! Vinyl Figure (posted HERE)

Groot can absorb wood as food, and has the ability to regenerate. Groot can control trees, he can form plants, using them to attack others, and appears to be resistant to fire. Groot is able to sprout, dramatically increasing mass but also severely inhibiting movement. Groot has been seemingly killed on multiple occasions, each time regrowing from a sprig.

Maximus the Mad, Black Bolt's brother, asserted that whenever Groot is saying the trademark "I am Groot!" he has actually been saying any number of things, and his varying inflections of the sentence are the equivalent of words and sentences. People who have interacted with Groot are gradually able to decipher the meaning of the inflections and can carry on full conversations with Groot as time goes on.

You can order this Funko Pop! Marvel (BOBBLE): Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing Baby Groot from BBTS (link HERE)

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